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After doing the item articles from the mission Clearing the Air, i believe that we should create templates similar to the {{tooltip }} and {{item }} templates that are on wowwiki. I have always liked that method of displaying info for items and such, especially the tooltip showing up when the item is moused over on another page. I was just going to copy the code and tinker with it, but i am far too tired to try and sift through it tonight. Once again this is just my preempitve strike strategy to get the wiki set-up for launch. Thoughts? Scimatt16 04:25, August 23, 2011 (UTC)

I'm with you completely on this one; I've always been a fan of designing item infobox templates in a way that imitates the in-game tooltip, and it's one of the first items on my "list of things to do when I actually get access to the game". I'll have to take a look at the vid, and any other by that uploader. TotalBiscuit has been one of my favorite MMORPG commentators for some time. Thanks for the heads-up; I hadn't realized he'd begun putting up TOR vids.
I've not had much luck with the mouseover display in past projects, though, and not for lack of trying. Simply copying the script over from WoWWiki won't work, as the javascript used in its implementation has to be modified for the project. If you can figure out how to get it working, though, I'll do what I can to help get it implemented throughout the project. -- Heaven's Agent 05:09, August 23, 2011 (UTC)
I think it would absolutely be necessary for at least a Template similar to the Item template on wowwiki to exist here. I realise that this topic has not been dealt with for months now, but now that the game has launched I think people will find the missing of such a template more and more frustrating.
I have some programming skills, so I am willing to create this template, if I can, except that I have never created a wiki template ever. So if anyone is willing to help me in creating a template like this, please write here or drop a message on my Talk page. -- Onac Proudmoore 19:16, December 23, 2011 (UTC)
Onac, we do have a tooltip and item template on this wiki now (Template:Infobox item and Template:Item). If you look at the page Clearing the Air, you can see examples of them. However, the tooltip is not tooltipping and will not show the info when mouseovered. Feel free to take a look at the code and suggest any improvements that can be made. Scimatt16 01:30, December 25, 2011 (UTC)

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