Gadon Thek was the leader of the Hidden Bek swoop gang on Taris before the planet's destruction by the Sith.

Gadon In the hidden bek base in the Lower City Of Taris

The leader was involved in a swoop accident that resulted in the loss of his eyes, which Thek replaced with cybernetic eyes that functioned well enough for the gang leader to continue leading the Beks. His second-in-command, Brejik, thought that Thek should have stepped down as leader and let him take command, so he left the Beks and became the leader of the Black Vulkar swoop gang, declaring a gang war on the Beks when he did so. Revan aided Gadon in his war during the former Dark Lord's stay on Taris.

Gadon Thek died during the destruction of Taris.

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