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Gand (planet)
Outer Rim Territories
Allegiance Neutral
  • Ammonia-filled mists
  • Rocky Landscape
Native Races


Gand is a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories on the border of Wild Space, and is the homeworld of the species of the same name. The surface is covered in thick mists separating minor colonies, and the planet itself is ruled by a totalitarian government.[1] The five orbiting space stations are locations for trade.[2]


The atmosphere on the planet is primarily comprised of ammonia, making it uninhabitable for most lifeforms in the galaxy. The Sith, at some point prior to the arrival of the Exiles on Korriban, had invaded the planet.[3] The planet itself was discovered prior to 3951 BBY, during the Kanz Disorders, and in 3668 BBY, Yuun was born on the planet.[4]


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