The Gauntlet Superweapon

The Gauntlet is a deadly superweapon built and used by the Sith Empire. The device forms part of the Trooper Storyline.


"Imperial engineers have created a deadly new device code-named “Gauntlet.” This massive turbolaser cannon fires charged tachyonic matter capable of traveling faster than lightspeed. Combined with a unique targeting array using the same technology as hyperwave relays, the Gauntlet can select and destroy enemy starships while they are still traveling through hyperspace. A single shot from the Gauntlet can annihilate even the largest Republic dreadnought, giving the Empire a crushingly decisive advantage in the war. It is worth noting that unlike many superweapons–which seem designed to inflict casualties on large populations–the Gauntlet is that rare device that permits highly-selective targeting. It is possible to fire the Gauntlet without ever endangering civilians."
―In game codex[src]


In The Unknown Regions, near CZ-198. It was hidden from both the public and the Galactic Republic until SIS units discovered it. That was until the Republic Special Forces Infantry Unit 326: Havoc Squad put it out of commission.


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