"Am I? Perhaps. The universe is filled with such choices - quick, easy roads to gratification and power, and the slower roads with a broader view."
―Geeda (to the Jedi Exile about the Light Side and the Dark Side)[src]

Geeda was a female Rodian from Nar Shaddaa. She was a trader and owned a little shop on the Smuggler's Moon while working as a spy for the Republic. When the Jedi Exile came to the planet in search for Zez-Kai Ell, a missing Jedi Master, Geeda offered her services to the Exile. Fellow trader/salesman, Oondar wanted to remove Geeda because she was stealing his customers. Oondar made a discount deal but Geeda matched it. He then threatened the Exile. However, the Exile decided to let Geeda stay and instead removed Oondar after hearing Geeda's words of wisdom about the two paths. One quick and easy or the her road, the longer road. All of this was a test for the Exile in her destiny in the light or dark side of the Force. After the Exile's adventures on Dantooine and Dxun, she offered her trading between Khoonda and the Mandalorians. This greatly helped Geeda's business by getting new items for lower costs.

Dark Side Ending

If the player decides the dark side ending, they remove Geeda instead of Oondar and get a discount from the latter.



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