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"An insectoid species with physiologically distinct subgroups, most Geonosians are four-limbed bipeds. Often categorized as cruel and barbaric, they possess an inherent talent for engineering and technical design and a complex set of cultural traditions. On their homeworld, the Geonosians live in hierarchical hive societies broken down into castes. The Geonosian aristocracy has unquestioned control of the workers and the soldiers, brutally managing the lesser castes as befits the aristocrats’ whims. Rebellion is nearly unthinkable, given the Geonosian instinct for hive preservation, and advancement in the hive is extremely difficult–often earned through ritual gladiatorial combat. Rumors of a queen caste arise among outsiders periodically, but if queens exist, the Geonosians keep them well hidden. Most Geonosians encountered away from their homeworld are outcasts or warrior scouts; either way, they are typically arrogant and selfish, with little regard for the lives of other species."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

Geonosians can be encountered on Tatooine. During a quest it is revealed they are planning a likely invasion.


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Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Geonosian Drone Battler27/28RangedNormal1740/1840
Geonosian Drone Fighter28StrikerWeak810
Geonosian Reaver28GladiatorStrong5450
Nekra the Warlord29AggressorChampion79285WNW of Outpost Thorazan

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