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Guids are hoofed non-sentient quadrpeds indigenous to Tython Notable for their muscular forelegs and the distinctive tufts of hair on the shoulders, back and chin, they have light brown fur and blue-grayish skin. They are typically encountered grazing alone or in small herds. Guids are not particularly aggressive, but if threatened, they are capable of causing injury or even death with their massive forelegs and powerful jaws. Attempts to domesticate guids have proved unsuccessful due to their stubborn and occassionally irritable nature. They are also seen on Ilum.


"Jedi Master Silvarte has taken to labelling Padawans with particularly lumbering lightsaber stance as devotees of the "Form of the Guid". At least one of these Padwans - since proclaimed a full Jedi-Knight - has taken this mild insult to heart, developing several lightsaber techniques inspired by the study and observation of these strange creatures. Master Silvarte considers this a mark of his success as a teacher."


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Name Level Combat Type Strength Location Notes
Foraging Guid50CreatureStrongIlum
Forge Guid9/10CreatureStandardTython
Greater Forge Guid9/10CreatureStrongTython
Greater Guid6/7CreatureStrongTython
Guid Patriarch50Elite DefenderChampionIlum
Imprisoned Guid50CreatureEliteIlum
Lesser Forge Guid9/10CreatureWeakTython
Lumbering Guid50CreatureStrongIlum
Pack Guid9/10CreatureWeakTython

Codex Beast Guid

Guid Codex Page

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