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| alignment     = Galatic Republic
| type          = PVP/PVE RP Military
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| regions       = United States:East Coast

105th Legion is a Republic guild.

Guild History

In the aftermath of the Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic was devastated. Jedi Knights went into hiding across the galaxy and many systems withdrew from the Republic. The Republic could not afford a return to war with the Sith Empire. Thus,  began the cold war between the Republic and Sith Empire. 

Although the Republic wanted to secure the peace treaty with the Sith Empire, they had to keep an eye on them. Republic military leaders formed an experimental trooper program called Project 1-0-5. Many different types troopers for different purposes, became out of this program. Some where strong, faster, smarter and others had better armor. One of them was the Ghost trooper program. Project 1-0-5 was moved to Special Operations divison, under General Garza. First generation ghost troopers any many other troopers where depatched for special operations during the cold war. Over time troopers under this program where called 105th Legion. Over time Jedis start becoming  involve.


105th Commander Heero 2


105th Bla'zze


105th Gabrial


105th Anasrol 2


105th Mageah


Joining the guild

  • Applicants must be 17 years or older.
  • Applicants' must be active.
  • Applicants must have read and understand the guild rules.
  • All Classes are welcome.


  • Rules:

    *Active: We are expecting active members on a weekly base. Rather it’s on the guild website or in game play. As long as we have active member, we can all have a good time .
  • Team Player: Team play is a must; most of the actives such as pvp, where we conduct tactics require teamwork.

    * Maturity: We expect a certain level of maturity in game and in the guild as a whole.
  • Respectful of all guild members: Treat others the same way you want to be treated. As long as we all show respect to everyone: member, guest, and ally, there will be no problem. We are representing the guild and how we act reflects on the guild as a whole. Be respectful to everyone, so we can all have fun.


Council Members


Commanders - Members that have this rank are in charge of a Battalion. Battalions consist of five companies, which is a total of 250 members. Commanders are expected guided their companies in the 105th Legion philosophy. In addition to making sure leaders below them meet their responsibility as leaders.

Captains - Members that have this rank, are in charge of a Company. Companies consist of five platoons, a total of 50 members. Captains are to keep track of platoons leaders, and make sure they meet their leadership responsibilities. Such as planning PvP, PvE events, and make sure all members in their company are active.

Lieutenants - Members at this rank are in charge of a platoon. Platoon consists of two squads, which is a total of 10 members.

Sergeants – Members at this rank are in charge of a squad. A squad consists of five members’ total. Expect sergeants to be responsible leaders Jedi Ranks are to be determined.

Corporal -Troopers who have Corporal Rank are in second in command of squad if their commanding officer is not present at the time.

Private? first class - Troopers who are first class are in command if their commanding officers are not present at the time.

Private? - Basic first rank for anyone joining the guild. Responsibilities of a Trooper is to basically listen to their officer unless he or she is being a jerk. Come to guild events and follow guild rules.

Recruit- title for people who recently joined the guiild.

105th Legion Poster 3

105th Legion poster 3

105th Legion poster 4
105th Legion Poster 5

105th Legion Poster 5


105th Legion Sarifice cinematic Poster

105th Legion Cinematic Poster "Sacrifice"

105th Legion wallpaper 1

105th Legion wallpaper 1

105th Legion wallpaper 2

105th Legion wallpaper 2

105th Legion wallpaper 7

105th Legion Wallpaper 3

105th Legion wallpaper 8

105th wallpaper 5

105th Legion poster 4

105th Legion Poster 4

105th Legion wallpaper 4

105th Legion wallpaper 4

105th Legion Poster 2

105th Legion poster 2

105th Legion Poster 1


105th T-shirt preview black

105th Legion T-shirt Black

105th T-shirt preview White

105th Legion T-shirt White


[Legion Forums

Xfire MINI Site

'105th Legion Fanpage

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