APEX Coat of Arms

Apex is a guild on the English RP Server 'The Progenitor'. It is a guild led by a Guildmaster and 3 Inner Council Members. The guild is comprised of Jedi,  Troopers and Smugglers. The guild continue to grow into the hunderds.


Apex was founded by 4 players all four seemed to have left now.





Apex is one of the very few guilds that have an almost perfect balance between RP and non RP. The guild does not have any designated RP events during the week, although it does have other weekly events, and RP is usually spread out for people who want to (one example of RP in the guild was the time when Master Paulee defected and a party was sent out to convince him to bring him back.This occurred twice, once on Tatooine and another on Alderaan).


Dueling: on a Monday, 8pm

Dark Apex day: Tusday, All day

Warzones: on a Wednesday, 8pm;

Guild Meetings: on Friday, 8pm; 

Operations: on Saturday. 2PM or 3PM. 

The structure of the Guild is far from complex, being only a few ranks. These ranks, starting with recruit, vary depending on your class. For example, for a Jedi it is much simpler than a Trooper,

A Jedi recruit is chosen by a superior Jedi and is then promoted to the rank of Padawan. The Padawan then takes trials set by there master once completed they become a Jedi Knight. After proving himself worthy when a Jedi Knight either teaching there own padawan or doing something very heroic, the Knight is then promoted to a Master.

The Trooper is far more complex. A recruit is promoted to a Segerent. After this, they will be given a superior to watch over them and give them tests, these tests are usually numerous with well over the Jedi number of trials depending on the superior office.. After these many tests, a Sgt is then promoted to the rank of Major. The Trooper then gets to have they own squad to train.

The Smuggler...........

Apex tries, and usually succeeds, many ideas to help improve the guild. These include a Trooper/Smuggler-Jedi Relationship Program. It is where a Jedi and a Trooper or Smuggler of similiar levels are pitched together to compliment each other in side quests, Flashpoints, Warzones and Heroics. Another of Apex's programs is the guild bank, this is  accessible by the most  in the guild, 

The guild website where all the events are planned by the Guildmaster  Donaria. The Guild's website is

Dark Apex

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