Academy of Republic is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Academy of Republic is going to be a PvP/PvE focused guild including (War Zones, Group Raids, Flash Points, Group Quests, Guild Ganking, Ect...), we are going to keep the two well balanced. Our Guild's senior staff are Veterans of other popular MMORPG's such as (World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Rift, Ect...), and have played many classes in each. We believe that no MMO is complete without a great PvP & PvE experience. And are committed in doing our part to make it so.

Guild PvP

The PvP side of the Guild is all about just sticking it to the Sith. Weather it be in World PvP or War Zones we will be there to fight back against the evil Sith Empire. Guild traitors & Sith opponents will be given no quarter (Definition of No Quarter: A victor gives no quarter when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life in return for the surrender at discretion (unconditional surrender) of a vanquished opponent. ). We will strive to make our Guild PvP a great experience, Driven by Guild Events & Interaction by members & Guild Leaders. That will allow members to enjoy there PvP interactions with the Guild.

Guild PvE

As The Old Republic shows promise for having one of the greatest PvE experiences of all time. We feel that taking that away from our members would be a waste, therefore we will strive to enable and help Guild Members to partake and enjoy in all PvE content. While the PvE side of the Guild may be more laid back than the PvP side it will in no way take that away from members. We will be looking for people to take lead in Raids and all other PvE content that members choose to partake in.

Joining the guild

Guild recruitment status is currently open. To join the guild please sign-up here .



  • Darkzangetzu (Guild Leader)
  • Bluealchemist (Guild Officer / Site Admin)
  • O-Si-Yo (Guild Officer)
  • Amavianar (Guild Officer)

Other members

External links

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