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Animus Vox
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server PvE East
Leader(s) Devion
Type PvE End-Game Raiding Focused
Voice Ventrilo

Animus Vox is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild


Animus Vox is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild allied with the Sith Empire. Animus Vox was established by experienced veteran players with over 10 years of MMO experience in Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft. We are a casual, friendly, end game PvE oriented guild. We will focus on establishing a drama-free community with the intention of staying competitive without the hard-core schedule. We don't believe in the ideals associated with mega-guilds where you are just another number, we are going to limit recruitment to what we need to safely have the numbers for raiding.

Guild Features

  • Guild Website w/chat
  • Ventrilo server
  • Leadership with 10+ years of MMO experience
  • Mature and Fun family type atmosphere

Animus Vox will be looking for the following.

  • If your looking to make friends and help each other learn and succeed.
  • Have previous Raiding/MMO experiences. (preferably hard modes)
  • Can reserch, learn, and stay up to date with ones own class.
  • Can be on time and prepared for scheduled play sessions.

Animus Vox is a guild that can appreciate that real life comes first. It was created for those people that don't have the time for a full time hardcore raiding schedule, but still expect a certain level of dedicated play.

We only have a 3 day raid week and thus we need you to make the best of that time and use it to its fullest.

We expect the kind of performance necessary to still stay competitive, but most of all we expect you to have fun, relax and make some friends.

We are looking for individuals of this kind and core raiding spots will be given out based on attendance and performance.

Our Goals

Our main goal for Animus Vox is to see what the game has to offer, and make ourselves known for our dedication to be a competitive group of individuals regardless of not being able to play full time. I can only hope we can establish an important and respected presence in the Star Wars community.

Areas of Focus

  • Animus Vox will begin by focusing on questing and leveling up our characters, then we will be placed in groups for steam rolling through the game's instances until everyone is satisfied that they have their pre-raid sets of gear.
  • WE ARE PvE end game focused and will try to keep it to a 3 day schedule.
  • Animus Vox will be active in all aspects of the game from PvE, PvP, RP, Crafting...ect. but our primary focus is and always will be end game PvE content.

Joining the guild

Visit the Guild Webpage and register to apply = )

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Animus Vox Guild

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