Arbiters of Light is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild


The guild charter, which details the policies and code of conduct of Arbiters of Light can be found on the guild site here.


Arbiters of Light is based in the Central (CST) time zone. Up to date schedule information regarding guild events, and raid times can be found here.


Arbiters of Light02:18

Arbiters of Light

Arbiters of Light Recruitment Video - Work in Progress

The Arbiters of Light recruitment video can be found here.



The Arbiters of Light guild has a full website that offers access to guild information, an image gallery, useful links/downloads, etc. The website can be found at:


Arbiters of Light members have access to the guild forums. While the full forums are only accessible to members, visitors can make use of a public section of the forums to post inquries and grievances. The guild forums can be found here.

Voice chat

Arbiters of Light members have access to the guild Mumble server.

Joining the guild


  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Applicants' character must be level 10 or over.
  • Applicants must have read and understood the guild charter


Potential members must fill out a short application before joining. The application will be reviewed by the guild and the applicant will be contacted once a decision has been reached.


Applicants may be need to meet with a current guild member for a brief interview.


Luminary Dantec Guild Leader
Senior Officer Silvonis Community Leader
Senior Officer N/A Raid Leader
Senior Officer Lucky Recruiter

External Links

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