Army of Light is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Army of Light was formed March 23 year 2011 preparing for the big launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The 1st April the army was merged with the Rebel Ground Forces as an subdivision focusing on SW:ToR only while still running the original supported games at the main-division. The army consist of both Jedi and regular Troops serving the Galactic Republic.

"An Army of Light to face the Brotherhood of Darkness." - Kaan

Chain of Command

The chain of command is based on the American military structure to ensure the smooth operation of the guild. The chain of command ensures smooth operations as it lessens the workload for the senior members from duties/issues that can be handled lower down the chain of command. It also empowers members lower down the chain to solve issues and have accountability and responsibility over subordinates.

Joining the guild

If you are interested of joining the army, head over to our website and sign up!

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