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Band of Brothers
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance The Galactic Republic
Server PvP
Leader(s) beefyandbeef
Type Casual (< 10 hrs/week), light roleplaying
Website [1]

Band of Brothers is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

This guild was made for many reasons. It was made so people like me can have fun playing a game with no worries that someone will ruin it. We wish to help others in any way we can. We do not look after ourselves, we look after others. Caring for them, helping them when they are in trouble. The name "Band of Brothers" was chosen to signify our unity and teamwork. As you know, a brother will always save his other brother's life before his. We do the same. We do not pick and choose the ones that we think are great, we give everyone a chance, a choice. We give you a choice to be and act like a brother to all of us. If you do not, go to another guild that's a bunch of hooligans. When we are fighting, talking, raiding and questing, we do them like a Band of Brothers.

Joining the guild

You can join this guild by applying at our page. We would like if you filled out all the questions and gave us as much information as you are comfortable giving to us.

Notable Members

Some members I would like to point out are our officers and leader:

Boy George: Leader

Latinoman: Officer

Onzone: Officer

Ron Paul

Neil Diamond

External links

This is where you can contact us and apply. [2]

A little bit about the owner/me

I have played many MMO's and I have loved them all. This guild has been around for a while but we have had trouble recruiting. I am a Christian, but this is not a Christian guild. This guild is not about religion but if you want to talk about it I am willing.


I believe a guild is complete and utter chaos without rules, so here they are, No whining, Help one other and build each other up, Act like a brother to one another, you have to speak English, but it doesn't have to be your native language we just have to understand you. Also here are things that are not required,No age just have to be mature, You do not have to be in a certain time-zone, No certain class required.

I do not think these rules are ridiculous and I do not think they ask too much of you.

Our Story

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..........

Four Brothers fought together fearless and brave at heart. Many joined these brothers and fought together all over the galaxy for their home planet. The Empire sent thousands of troops to attack them but they fought them off and the Empire's soldiers ran in fear for their life like cowards. The Empire sent even more troops and this time, they succeeded. They stormed through the planet and plundered everything in their path, but the brothers still had hope. So the brothers trained an army in two days that would've taken months for the Empire to complete. The brothers ran into battle against the Empire with their army behind. They never gave up as the battle took seven days. At the end, they were victorious and the locals named the brothers and their army "Band of Brothers". Once the Republic heard about this impossible victory they sent for the brothers and their army. When they came the counsel praised them for their valiant efforts against the Empire and offered the Republics allegiance. They accepted this generous offer and the brothers and their army joined the Republic.

The four brothers were each unique in their own way. The first brother took the path of a trooper, fearless and brave he was. Some may call them reckless fools but it they would be the real fool to do such a thing. The second brother became a smuggler, loyal and trustworthy. He may seem like a rough guy but he would rather save your life then his own, for he acts like a true brother. The smuggler knows what hes doing and hes not afraid to do it. The last two brothers were force sensitive but that does not make them the same. For the third brother became a Jedi Knight, valiant and true. He had the willingness to do anything and the guts to say it. The last brother became a Jedi Consular, loyal and respectful. He took the road of peace and persuasion, making alliances and debating cease-fire. These four brothers fought together using each their own unique skills, but when they died......these skills did not die out. For when they lived each trained an apprentice telling it all they knew. This action was repeated from generation to generation passing on the knowledge of old.

Now the apprentices show themselves in the eyes of all and are regathering an army to fight this rising force. So FIGHT with us, FIGHT for The Band of Brothers, FIGHT for your home planet, FIGHT for those you love, FOR HOPE! FOR FREEDOM! FOR THE REPUBLIC!

Recruitment Video

300px|left|Hope you enjoy the video.

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