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BWC Full


Black Widow Company
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server Prophecy of the Five
Leader(s) Scar
Type PvE/PvP

Black Widow Company is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The <Black Widow Company> is a great group of guys and gals, and we pride ourselves on being a veteran-owned, award-winning, multi-gaming community which has been successful for over ten years. In that time we have built a solid reputation in online gaming as a community that believes in integrity, fair play, dedication and teamwork. You can expect a highly organized unit with a mature and professional gaming attitude. We provide content for casual and progression Raiders, casual and competitive PvP and Galactic Starfighter, as well as maintaining an environment conducive to general fun in less organized play styles.

There is no gear or experience requirement for joining BWC. We run in-house trainings that will allow each member to advance in skill and understanding as far as they are willing to push themselves. We are active in all aspects of SWTOR from leveling fresh toons all the way to end game operations and we host Guild in-game activities every night of the week. We are currently focusing on our Empire-side Guild, although we have a Republic sister Guild as well.

Our team motto is “ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT”, and we apply that mentality in every game we play and to everything we do, without risking or compromising our desire or our ability to have fun at the same time.

Please see our recruitment thread for much more information on who we are and what we're about:

Joining the guild

To begin your journey, feel free to visit our website:

Notable Members

BWC SWTOR Regimental Commanding Officer -- Scar

BWC SWTOR Regimental Executive Officer -- Samurai

BWC SWTOR Regimental Command Sergeant Major -- Sorin

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