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Blazers and Lasers
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith
Server TBD
Leader(s) Morior
Type PvP, Fun, Social
Website Blazers and Lasers
Voice Teamspeak

Blazers and Lasers is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.


Blazers and Lasers purpose is so super simple, to advocate fun, fun, fun with people through video games. It's hard to have fun when rules, regulations, and drama dictate a guilds direction. So Blazers and Lasers has no clear direction, no direct purpose. We're a guild where everything is made up and the ranks don't matter! Does this mean we will never be serious? Not necessarily but we will never take ourselves too seriously. At this point most people understand the purpose of a guild and the purpose of a video game, neither of which include adding stress to one's life.


B&L has a very simply recruitment process. Make an application via MS paint, that's right MS paint. Recruits chose the format, the questions, anything, the only requirement is that the application is 100% done in MS paint. The application is to be considered a resume, not a job application, an application for a video game. The application is meant to be fun, but the line between really dumb and funny is fairly vague; therefore an example application is provided. After the completion of the application applicants may submit their creation on the recruitment forums.

After the application recruits will be taken into voice chat to have a brief discussion and to obtain a feel for each other. That's it either the recruit is the right fit or a no-go.


Morior is the "De Blazers" or guilds leader. Feel free to contact him with any questions or comments.

Guild Websites

Blazers and Lasers Blazers and Lasers SWTOR

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