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Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Leader(s) Uo(Aiori)

Welcome to all SWTOR Future Players!

Guild History

We’re a fairly old team/guild that went inactive a few months back. We, as a community, wanted to bring it back for the next new game we’ve been desperately waiting for, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our main focus in these first few months will be leveling, doing flashpoints together, and helping everyone else progress through the game. I also plan to post tutorials (and let other community members) on a regular basis to help explain mechanics of the game and how to improve your overall skill and knowledge of PVP and PVE alike.


BRAVOFIVEZERO started up as a small group of gamers for the popular multiplayer game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Xbox 360 back in 2007. Since then, it’s spanned several platforms and many games, including: Modern Warfare 2, Star Wars: Jedi Knight Academy, TF2, and now, SW:TOR.

How do we fit into SWTOR?

BRAVOFIVEZERO was created alongside many other formidable Elite Special Forces squads which the Republic would come to make after the Jedi left Coruscant to go to the planet of Tython. BRAVOFIVEZERO was exclusively available to Troopers of the Republic. As such, it entered not just a direct rivalry, but also a brotherhood with the well-known Havoc Squad. The two squads fought alongside each other in many hotspots of the Cold War such as Ord Mantell and Alderaan. However, the Sith Empire returned in full-force and many Elite Squads were wiped out in swift raids by the Sith, this caused the Republic not only to increase funding for the remaining squads but give them new privileges. Havoc Squad became one of the premier squads in the Republic Special Forces forging a path of fire and destruction through the Sith Empire, BRAVOFIVEZERO now gained new rights. They became the first Special Forces Squad to encompass not just Troopers, but Smugglers and Jedi of all creeds and skill as well. BRAVOFIVEZERO still fights alongside Havoc Squad in many situations and encounters, but also retains it's own challenging and important missions to further the Republic’s cause.


Uo - Jedi Consular/Sage - DPS/Healing - Twi'lek Male

Kavar - Jedi Knight/Guardian - Tank - Human Female

Fighter - Jedi Knight/Sentinel - DPS - Human Male

Rets - Jedi Knight/Guardian - DPS - Human Male

Sigundr - Trooper/Commando - DPS/Healing - Human Male

Kyle - Trooper/Commando - DPS - Human Male

Boogalbee - Smuggler/Gunslinger - DPS - Human Male

Mikeboks - Jedi Consular/Sage - Healing - Mirialan Female

Krunchy - Smuggler/Gunslinger - DPS - Human Male

Fitzy - Jedi Knight/Guardian - Tank - Human Male

BeaTen - Trooper/Vanguard - Tank - Human Male

Gojiraxx - Smuggler/Gunslinger - DPS - Human Male

Perkushinist - Jedi Knight/Sentinel - DPS - Zabrak Male

Vanaze - Jedi Consular/Sage - Healing - Human Male

Bloodfyre - Jedi Knight/Guardian - Tank - Human Male

Roids - Trooper/Commando - DPS - ?/Male

Kasma - Jedi Knight/Guardian - Tank/DPS - Human Male

Nogren - Jedi Consular/Shadow - DPS - ?/?

Opralol - Jedi Consular/Sage - Healing - ?/?

Akiko - Smuggler/Gunslinger - DPS - ?/?

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