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Champions Of The Force is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Champions of the Force (CotF) seeks to preserve justice and peace by eliminating the tyranny of the Sith from the face of the galaxy, thereby restoring balance to the Force. In-game, the Champions of the Force will assert themselves as the preeminent Republic PvP and raiding guild. By organizing early we give ourselves the advantage of building familial bonds and generating a foundation of teamwork. The Champions boast a formidable role playing contingent which seeks to not only weave compelling tales about our coalition, but it strives to create stories with other like minded guilds and individuals. This type of interaction allows us to get to know our guild mates and the rest of the community. Champions of the Force is recruiting all Republic allies with Light intentions. CotF is NOT a Jedi only guild.

Joining the guild

CotF is a great place to be if you are looking for the best PvP Republic guild. Our members are, for the most part, very experienced gamers, with backgrounds in WoW and Warhammer Online. Our admissions process is tough, we require that all our members be active both on our forum and on TS and that they engage in guild activities and guild gaming. Once you fill out an application, our Admissions Team will review it, and if it is up to par, you then will go through a trial period which, lasts 2 weeks. During which, the applicant is required to attend a meet and greet event on TeamSpeak, and also actively post on our forums. At the end of those 2 weeks, if the applicant has shown that he/she has what it takes, they then are declared full members of the guild. For more info on the admissions process and the application itself, check out!


Supreme Chancellor

  • Meldarion


  • Erithos
  • August


  • Evar Skylighter
  • Gallandro

Class Leaders

Jedi Consular Senior Officer- Magnus Vassa (Interim, Kae Quel Droma is on temporary LOA)
-Issan Navarr
Jedi Knight Senior Officer- MasterQendar
Smuggler Senior Officer- Xorix Kerax
Trooper Senior Officer- Sutoruu

External links

Main Website:


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