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Cb swtor demo3
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

Crossbones is a Star Wars The Old Republic guild.

Mission Statement

Crossbones was first established as an MMORPG guild in the year 2000. It is our hope that in whatever game we play, our members are provided with a fun and exciting experience through the quality of our guild and community, as a whole. Our doors are always open to positive individuals who would like to make this family of gamers, a part of their own.


In SWTOR, our guild will be playing as an elite special-forces unit, code named, Crossbones. Our mission is to succeed where the Galactic Republic has failed, ruthlessly hunting down the Sith at any cost.

Crossbones three

The Darker Side of Light


…that which consumed the minds of those pitiful senators of the Galactic Republic, as they blamed the Jedi for the Great War, and the Sacking of Coruscant.

Too afraid to fight… too afraid to give up their nefarious luxuries… and so, they abandoned hope… and with it… the Jedi.

The Jedi…

…courageous and honorable, but weak in their ways.

Too righteous to give in to emotion… too feeble to embrace anger and hate.

The Sith…

…monsters of death and destruction, forbearers of chaos. Foolish slaves of the dark side, you have enemies without weakness.


…is what the Sith shall come to know, as we cut from them, our revenge.

Fueled by anger and hate… driven by honor and devotion... let the force flow through us, and show them the darker side of light.

Crossbones Code

Peace is not a lie.
Through passion, I gain wisdom.
Through wisdom, I gain skill.
Through skill, I gain dominance.
Through dominance, I gain revenge.
Peace is not a lie.

Behind the Scenes

CROSSBONES is a gaming community (and guild), primarily for the MMORPG genre, yet, we're always playing other MMO games for both PC and console. Crossbones originated as a guild for the game, Star Wars Galaxies™. We initially were a part of the Rebel faction and considered ourselves "pirates" against the Empire. The skull and crossbones eventually stood to represent the protection and strength of our minds and bodies. Although the name may bring with it, a carefree, "plunder everything in sight" type of connotation, our beliefs revolve around loyalty, honor, and devotion - with a willingness to help each other, to stand strong, and always fight for the underdogs.


All those interested in joining Crossbones are asked to venture to The Boneyard and submit an application.

Forum Trial Period

Pre-release membership is based on forum activity, character, and an applicants ability to get along with Crossbones members. There is no set time for this trial period, but when we feel a new applicant is ready for consideration, we will put it up for vote by a veteran council of members made up of Pirate Kings and Dread Pirates.

In-Game Trial Period

In-Game membership is based on dedication/devotion, and the character (not the toon) of an applicant. If possible, we like to keep this process to a 2 week maximum. At the time of consideration, the Crossbones Branch Leader and Officers will vote to accept or deny an applicant.

CB Pirate

Pirate Rank

CB Dread Pirate

Dread Pirate Rank

Rank & Structure

Crossbones operates with two structures; a Community Structure (Time of Peace), and an In-Game Structure (Time of War). The most important structure is the Community Structure, which ultimately determines your status in the Guild. For more information on structure, rules, and ranks, please take a look at our Charter


Community ranks are based on length of time of service and for a member's leadership experience and devotion to the guild. Community ranks are the most important in Crossbones as they ultimately determine your overall status in the guild and your privileges for advancement in-game.

  • Pirate - Rank awarded to basic members of Crossbones.
  • Dread Pirate - Rank awarded to veteran members of Crossbones. Each variation reflects the "epoch" a particular member joined in.
  • Dread Captain - Rank awarded to veteran members of Crossbones with leadership experience as a Branch Leader. Each variation reflects the "epoch" a particular member joined in.
  • Pirate King - Rank awarded to founders and current leaders of Crossbones. Each variation reflects the "epoch" a particular member joined in.


Trials are just little fun events that spice up the ranking up process - they can be as simple as reaching level 10, or as detailed as sending in 20 screenshots of you slaying Sith. When more information about SWTOR becomes available, we'll have a better idea of what to make these various trials.

In-Game Structure


Cb anchorgirl

Ranks are awarded based on a member's overall commitment to Crossbones. Ranks in the SWTOR branch of Crossbones are a reflection of your level of commitment as well as your current duties - they do not give you power over another member.


Only one General exists within Crossbones at any given time. The rank of General goes to the branch leader of Crossbones in SWTOR.


The rank of Commander is given to a veteran member of Crossbones who is acting as the second in command of the SWTOR branch. In the absence of the General, the Commander will take the helm. A Commander must also act as a class leader.


Captains are class leaders in Crossbones. They must be knowledgeable in guild affairs and dedicated to the betterment of Crossbones. Captains participate in High Command.

  • Duties
  • Have great knowledge in every aspect of their class.
  • Guide members of their class.
  • Requirements
  • Must have the guild rank of Dread Pirate.
  • Must be committed to playing at least a couple hours a day.
  • Must be committed to helping other members.
  • Status - open


Lieutenants act as a second class leader under the Captain. They must also be knowledgeable in guild affairs and dedicated to the betterment of Crossbones.

  • Duties
  • Have great knowledge in every aspect of their class.
  • Guide members of their class.
  • Requirements
  • Must first attain the rank of Sergeant.
  • Must complete the Lieutenant Trial.
  • Must be committed to playing at least a couple hours a day.
  • Must be committed to helping other members.
  • Status - open


Sergeants are experienced class members.

  • Duties
  • Have sufficient knowledge in every aspect of their class.
  • Guide members of their class.
  • Requirements
  • Must have sponsored two Troops to Specialists
  • Must complete the Sergeant Trial.
  • Must be committed to playing at least a couple hours a day.
  • Must be committed to helping other members.
  • Status - open


Specialists make up the full force of Crossbones.

  • Requirements
  • Must complete the Specialist Trial.
  • Status - open


Recruits are simply new recruits, still under consideration. Only the strong will survive the trial of Crossbones.

Cb gungirl


Positions are special duties delegated to volunteer members. These positions do not hold any power of command, but you get the privilege of running around professing your title to the world. Additionally, certain positions can speed up your rank advancement, eliminating the need to sponsor new members.


The official representative of Crossbones.

  • Requirements
  • Must have the guild rank of Dread Pirate
  • Perks
  • An Emissary is not required to sponsor new members for rank advancement.


Special title given to the best in PvP for each class. Will have the opportunity to lead smaller strike groups in PvP.


The warrior-historian of Crossbones, this title is given to the best RPer in the guild.

Raid Leader

In the event that Bioware implements raids/dungeons - Raid Leader positions will become available.

  • Requirements
  • Must attain the rank of Sergeant
  • Must be highly knowledgeable in the dungeon you're leading
  • Must have leadership skills
  • Must be fair and just
  • Must adhere to Crossbones raid rules
  • Perks
  • First crack at loot (for obvious reasons)


Raiding and dungeon-running has become commonplace in MMORPGs. Bioware has yet to mention anything about this, but in the event that it is implemented in SWTOR - we will be organizing raid groups.

Since there's a lack of information concerning this topic, everything mentioned here about raids is subject to change.

Crossbones Philosophy

  • Crossbones does not use DKP and will not use DKP. Your raid placement is based on your individual merit and overall commitment to the guild.

Placement Rules

  • Preference is awarded by rank (because rank is awarded by overall commitment) and raid attendance. I'm sure many of you have been in a guild where a fairly new member gets in a raid, grabs some loot, then leaves the guild the next day. That's not going to happen in Crossbones.

Loot Rules

  • Need before Greed. First crack at a needed item goes to the Raid Leader. Loot will be awarded based on a combination of class, rank, and raid attendance (how many times you've raided with us). We'll be running raids as fair as can be - if possible, we'd like to limit loot awards to one per person per raid/day. We want everyone to come out with something.

Rp swtor crossbones

Roleplay and Fiction

Whilst not the guilds main focus, many of its members dabble into role-play or creating fan fiction. We feel as though we have found a balance between that of role-play fanatics, who never come out of character and the players who think it’s childish or immature. By taking it as something done within the community of the guild, constructive criticisms can be made and epic tales of our adventures can be recorded. This means everyone gets an opportunity to see what role-play is about and partake in it, if they feel as though it is something they would enjoy, free of insults or pressure to stay in character. On the other hand for those who don't want to have anything to do with role-play that option is still available and they will not be at a disadvantage for choosing that option.

Done casually, friendly and in the guild community, role-play doesn't have to seem a chore but instead a way to enhance the story of our characters and show just how diverse the guild is, what will now follow is a series of short extracts from some of the workings created by the guild. What this will enable you to do is see examples of the work created by Crossbones from exhilarating short stories to fan fiction events weaved seamlessly into that of the true Star Wars fiction, which will hopefully have you coming back for more.



Summary: This extract is taken from the characted bio of Zeka (Zstroyer), during the Sacking of Coruscant (3,653 BBY). It details both Zstroyers role and that of Crossbones during the attack of the Galactic Republics capital plantet, home of the Jedi Temple.

The desperation of the Sith Empire led to a bold move which had caught the Galactic Republic by surprise, despite warnings issued by the special-forces group, Crossbones. The Sith had first attacked the Jedi Temple on Couscant, taking out the shield defense mainframe. Jedi Master Hāloa quickly ordered Lono to assemble Crossbones while he organized a detachment to aid in the defense of the Jedi Temple.
Crossbones resistance

Crossbones counterattack against the Sith Invasion

Crossbones counterattack against the Sith InvasionBy the time Hāloa reached the temple, the Sith had already invaded. The Jedi master and his detachment rushed in to the fray, combating hordes of Sith troops and war droids. Meanwhile, Lono led Crossbones in a counterattack against the invading Sith fleet in the skies above Coruscant, commanding from the hammerhead-class cruiser, the Resistance while Zeka escorted the capital ship from his Aurek tactical strikefighter.
By the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, Zeka had played a large part in Crossbones' destruction of thirteen Sith capital ships and countless Sith starfighters. Ignoring the ceasefire call, Zeka and other members of Crossbones landed in Coruscant's temple district and proceeded to the ruins of the Jedi Temple, striking down every Sith on the way. There, among the still burning debri, Zeka found the lifeless body of Jedi Master Hāloa, who had defended the temple until he fell to the orbital bombardment. With Hāloa in his arms, Zeka was given a brief vision of Hāloa's last moments. Looking up to the sky through holes in the temple ceiling, the Jedi Master reached out to the force and pulled a Sith Battleship down, crashing onto Processional Way. Zeka then caught a glimpse of the mysterious Sith Lord who had seen so many years ago, the same Sith who had killed his parents.
Zeka carried the body of Hāloa back to his strikefighter and rejoined the Crossbones fleet. Together, they proceeded to the ancient Jedi planet, Tython, to give their founder a proper burial.



Crossbones achievement popularity

Popularity Achievement

Rank2 Republic Guilds

Galactic Republic Rank #2 Achievement

In April 2009, a Popularity Poll was taken on the Official Star Wars the Old Republic community forums, where the top three guilds from each faction (Galactic Republic and Sith Empire) along with the top three Mandalorian-themed guilds, were pitted against each other in a high-school-yearbook-esque popularity contest. Of the nine total categories, Crossbones took home first place in five, being noted as the "most popular of the popular guilds."

The top three candidates (for each category) were determined by the top votes for a previous poll in which Crossbones took second place for Galactic Republic Guilds.

Categories Won
  • Most Likely to Succeed (29.79%)
  • Most Feared (30.06%)
  • Most Remembered By SWTOR Pre-Game Community (29.75%)
  • Best Website (29.63%)
  • Most Active In The Community (29.54%)
Categories Lost
  • Most Likely To Fail (8.31%)
  • Most Likely To Be Called Zergtastic (14.81%)
  • Class Clown (6.50%)
  • Most Hated (6.21%)
Other Guilds Featured
  • Eternal Vigilance
  • Torm's Super Awesome Team
  • Beskar
  • Champions of Mandalore
  • Remnants of Mandalore
  • Exodus Syndicate
  • Pax Imperius
  • Dark Disciples

Guild of the Month

GotM 08 2010

Not only this but on 08/2010 SWTOR Station declared Crossbones their Guild of the Month. Being featured in the interview was Zystroyer, the guild master of Crossbones, it contained intresting information on the guilds prospects and their aims.

Amonbell: You’re calling yourself the darker side of light. Is there a reason you want to play the bad boys on the Republic side? Why didn’t you choose the Empire instead?

Zstroyer: Crossbones supports and protects the innocent people of the Galactic Republic, at all cost. We understand that in order to defeat a monster, one must often become a monster – and a war against the Sith Empire will undoubtedly call for harder choices in what can be seen as the greater good. What it really comes down to is sacrifice. We have taken it upon ourselves to make these harder choices so no one else has to. I also believe that everyone in the Galactic Republic can agree that the Sith Empire is suffering from some serious identity issues and only pretend to be the “bad-boys.“ The real bad-boys are on the Republic. red text Amonbell: Do I have to play a certain class to join your forces or are there any other restrictions or obligations for members?

Zstroyer: We absolutely want all our members to enjoy SWTOR to the best of their ability. We want everyone to play any and everything. We also ask that new applicants take the time to get to know the rest of the Crossbones community so in turn, we get to know them! —Amonbell interviewing Zystroyer,

The full interview can be found here.


The following members all have character profiles on SWTOR:RP Wiki.

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