Danes of Darkness is thé Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Danes of Darkness er ikke bare's officielle Sith guild, men den første 100% danske af slagsen. Vi har eksisteret siden starten af 2011 og vi lægger vægt på de sociale værdier.

Danes of Darkness is not only's official Sith guild, but also the first one only to accept danes. We have exsisted since early 2011 and our key points are social.

Joining the guild

DANISH: 100% Dansk 18+ Social
Er du under 18, så tag kontakt til en officer på vores guild side.

Ansøg her: Danes of Darkness

ENGLISH: 100% Danish 18+ Social
Are you under 18, then speak with a officer at our guild page.

Apply here: Danes of Darkness

External links

Danes of Darkness

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