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Dark Disciples
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild


The Dark Disciples is the Premiere Sith Oceanic Guild established on the 21st of October 2008 for Star Wars: The Old Republic,. We are a mature and sociable collection of gamers, immersed in our goal to provide a relaxed and affably supportive community. With a dedicated staff and a communal decision-making system that services an enthusiastic member-base, the Dark Disciples has effectively become the proverbial ‘place-to-be’ in the SW:TOR oceanic neighbourhood.

We aim to excel in all aspects of SW:TOR, whether they be PvE, PvP, crafting, role-play; in fact we are prepared to try anything Bioware throws at us. We understand that people have real-life responsibilities. Our Teamspeak Server is the perfect place to come and unwind after a hard day’s work – there is always somebody online and we encourage our members to socialise with each other.

The Dark Disciples is managed by an extremely dedicated team of administrators who are always active and willing to lend a hand to its members. Although SW:TOR is our primary game, we also partake in other guild gaming ventures such as Champions Online, Star Trek: Online, Starcraft 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 (and so much more!).

It is our ambition to become the most successful and enjoyable guild in the oceanic region. Forget the competition; join the only guild moving up!


We are accepting applications. Click here to apply.

Think you’re good enough to join the ranks of the Dark Disciples? The application process is vigorous, but you will reap the rewards. Please read and follow the instructions below…

1. Register to our Forums.

2. Read, understand and agree to our Code of Conduct.

Once you have completed these two steps, you are ready to fill out your application form. Please take the time to read the guide below to ensure a successful application process. Acceptance does not depend simply on gaming experience, but also your personality and integrity. We take our applications very seriously, so please take your time and be as articulate as possible.

Application Guide

1. Don’t just say ‘my name is Jim and I have a cat named Beam’. Tell us about yourself. Let us really have a peek into who you are, what you like and what your interests are. The more detail – the better.

2. Become familiar with the lore of Star Wars and KOTOR. The Dark Disciples was established exclusively for Star Wars: The Old Republic, thus we make it part of our business to be intimately familiar with the Star Wars universe. We recommend you play KOTOR 1 and 2. Play them out. If you enjoy extremity, bookmark Wookieepedia to your browser.

Suggested Reading: Old Republic Era, Jedi, Sith, The Force

3. Be humble in your application, don't be an ass. Everyone starts at the bottom and gradually builds enough good standing to advance in the ranks. You gain respect from devotion and proficiency.


Contrary to the inherent nature of the Sith, this guild is essentially a democratic community. Whilst all members are appropriated with the right to vote in a variety of guild decisions, absolute power is reversed by the Circle of Lords (the managers of the guild). Please review the chain of command below for a broad rundown of each rank and their apposite responsibilities.

Grand Lord:

The grand lords are the ambassadorial figureheads of the Dark Disciples, representing the guild in communication with potential recruits and other guilds. Grand lords are elected by the Circle of Lords and have administrative rights to the website and forums.

High Lords:

The high lords role is internally-focused, as they exercise the management of appropriate conduct amongst members. High lords have moderation rights to the forums, TeamSpeak 3 and all other assests.


The executors are the 'go-to' individuals for any information and assistance pertaining to SW:TOR Player vs. Player, they also establish methods of procedure and manage the Dark Disciples for Player vs. Player dominance within Star Wars: The Old Republic.


The tacticians are the managers and the 'go-to' individuals for information and assistance pertaining to Player vs. Environment, they review gaming functions and elements to established methods of procedure in ensuring successful Player vs. Environment endeavours.


The officers are the managers and the 'go-to' individuals for any information pertaining to all non Player vs. Player and non Player vs. Environment elements with Star Wars: The Old Republic, providing assistance to the Disciples when needed.


The seers are appointed by a decree of respect. The position is essentially a title of recognition for community participation, reliability and exceptional commitment. The Circle of Lords will often seek counsel and advice from seers.


The acolytes are full members who have successfully completed their two-week probational period. Acolytes make up the bulk of the guild and have the right to vote in guild decisions.


The believers are provisional members who must pass a two-week probational period to be accepted as a full member. Believers may ascend to Acolyte status by displaying acuity of interest and activeness on the forums. Believers do not have to the right to vote.


Tabula Rasa -

Dark Disciples/Pacific Alliance was born on the release of Tabula Rasa. We originally started out as a group of friends, then over time grew into massive Aussie/Oceanic community. When established, we were the largest Australian Guild on the server with over 180+ members approx 90+ accounts.

Age of Conan-

The release of AoC was a fresh start for Dark Disciples/Pacific Alliance. Instead of the idea of mass recruiting and the leadership of a new GM (no longer a part of Dark Disciples), his idea’s were to limit the intake of members and keep a tight knit group.

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