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Destined Souls
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server Corellian Run (US)
Leader(s) Gig
Type PVE
Website Destined Souls

Destined Souls is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Destined Souls is a casual, family-friendly, drama-free guild. Although created as an original guild at the beginning of WoW, DS has re-dedicated itself at the earliest stages of SWTOR. We carry over the core concepts that made us so successful, (with over 350 members) to create what we feel will be a fantastic Star Wars guild.

Destined Souls prides itself in having a mature raiding core with the average age being late 20s and early 30s, with family and work responsibilities. While we do not have an age requirement, we seek only mature and responsible players. Some of our most notable characteristics include a low-key, quiet nature, a desire to avoid drama, a skilled, dedicated core of raiders, and a familiar, fun raiding environment. Primarily a west-coast US guild, but we run on a east-coast server to run late night east-coast raids.

Raid leaders are chosen by the Guild Master based on excellence, communication skills, and experience. Having a large, family-friendly atmosphere allows members to play SWTOR in a very rewarding, comfortable way. Our members receive positive reinforcement, learn fundamental raiding skills, and have a large number of knowledgeable veterans available for support. DS members help each other with crafting professions, support in leveling, and flash-point group creation.

So if you are a family man/woman and looking for someplace mature to play we are hoping you will join us here at DS and help us take down the Republic one Jedi at a time.

Ventrilo VoiP

Great Website

Helpful Members

Joining the guild

Visit our SWTOR Guild Page to join, and our Guild Recruitment Page to apply for membership

Notable Members

Gig - Emperor

Dragon - Lord

External links

Destined Souls Guild Page

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