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Doctors of Philosophy
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance The Sith Empire
Server PvE
Leader(s) Faradhim
Type Casual
Website [1]

Doctors of Philosophy is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Doctors of Philosophy is a friendly, casual, social guild looking for like-minded adults (ages 18+ please) to quest, run flash points(dungeon) and casually do operation(raid) with. We don't really care what class you play or what your spec is as long as you want to be part of a community helping each other enjoy the game.

We aren't a guild that's going for server firsts. Most of our guild are not interested in hardcore progression raiding. If you want to be on the bleeding edge, this is not the right guild for you.

The guild was founded on the realm of “Earthen Ring” in the game World of Warcraft on October 2007 by three real life friends who want to play the horde side of the game together. The guild’s name stems from the fact the three founding members: (Faradhim, Gibster and Tapati) all held the same said degree in real life. Through our humble beginning we have prospered under consistent leadership, hard working officers and involved guild members. Back on “Earthen Ring” the guild is recognized as a primer social guild where the values of friendship and respect were paid more than just lip services. Since the release of WOTLK (world of Warcraft) in Nov, 2008, most of active ER PhD members voted to transfer to a new realm “Dawnbringer” where we hoped for better latency and shorter waiting time. We continue to be recognized as one of best laid back social guild on that server. Since great many of of our players have expressed an interest in playing SWTOR, we have created this guild portal here to facilitate this transfer.

We have zero tolerance for prima donna, drama, and childish behavior. Each guild member is expected to act his/her own age.

Joining the guild

See our web portal for application information.

Notable Members

Faradhim, leader, guild master
Artana, guild master
Gibster, guild master

External links

Portal link[2]

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