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Endor Liberation Front (E.L.F.)
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
"No longer will the Galaxy turn a blind eye to the plight of the Ewok. No longer will we tolerate the the tyranny and oppression to which Endor has been subjected to by the Empire. Hail Endor! We who are about to die salute you! Spread the word about the Guild. The Endor Liberation Front is open to anyone NO DISCRIMINATION." EwokSquadCommand


  • Allegiance to: The Galactic Republic
  • PvP
  • English, US East (EST)
  • Founded on March 11, 2011, led by EwokSquadCommand

Thankfully Endor is safe for now, but the threat of a returned Sith Empire was heard on Endor as the Republic put out a call for help. The Guild within days had packed up and shipped out having locked down things on Endor which has been switched to a safe hold and communications/ supply hub for the now active secret base setup on planet Taris. The swiftness of the relocation of the Alliance of rebels: The Endor Liberation Front went unbeknownst and their exact location remains unknown even to the Republic.

As the Taris Base camp is active and fully operational; operations are now being setup mainly targeting a Sith stronghold on the planet Korriban. Choosing to strike at the heart of operation is a specialty of E.L.F. and EwokSquadCommand now meeting with the Jedi Council that the Endor Liberation Front is much beloved and regarded amongst the Jedi. Their work such as Operation Nomango and the saving of the Herculian Star fleet to mention but a few has not gone unnoticed.

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