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Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server Vornskr
Leader(s) Sparatcus
Type Casual

Exodus is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

We are a Have fun guild, and have all-comers. from PVP to PVE, to let's just gather minerals, we have it all.

Joining the guild

Notable Members


Rank: Guild Leader

Class: Imperal Sniper

Crew Skills: Armormech 334, Scavenger 357, UW Trading 318

Sparticus is our very high spirited leader and is always actively recruiting as he plays. During Flashpoints you'll typically find him setting up his fortifications and waiting for everyone to initiate the combat. He also likes flowers and dancing naked in the rain.

Darth Riven D'Argent

Rank: Officer

Class: Sith Marauder

Crew Skills: Synthweaving 400, Archaelogy 400, UW Trading 400

Little is actually know about this sith lord, other than he's aways on and willing to help anyone with questions. The only other thing known is that he is a very friendly person and is a very enjoiable conversation. Prefers to be called Ceadus at all times.

Selria Skirita, The Pilot

Rank: Officer

Class: Bounty Hunter Powertech

Crew Skills

Want strategy in a snap? How bout most questions? Ask me! Allways willing to help, and during a Flashpoint, I've mainly just focused on Slicing proffesion-wise. Any questions about Mando'a culture are known as well. (why i'm a Bounty Hunter)

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