Fallen is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

Fallen is a guild focusing mainly on the community and the social aspect of the game, we are a small, tightly knit group of people and our goal is to keep that as we grow. Our members always come as the first priority and we make sure that the guild is moving in a direction in the best interest of all our members.

What we have

  • Friendly and social guild atmosphere.
  • Engaged community, online and offline.
  • Experienced and dedicated leadership.
  • Well structured and organized guild.
  • Raiding Teams for both the casual and more dedicated player
  • Socially minded progression raiding.

What we don't have

  • Hardcore progression - we like to be competitive, but not at the cost of the social aspects.
  • Drama - We always put the community before ourselves.


Fallen was founded with the community Fallen Gaming in April 2011 by a small group of friends that used to be in the same guild while playing World of Warcraft. Fallen was the first of many teams part of the multi-gaming community Fallen Gaming. Being a part of this community helps us by making it easier to organize outside activities and much more.


Wearing the Guild Tag

Fallen consists of a diverse range of players from casual to hardcore, we value the community and socializing the most and we want all our members to feel like they are a part of something great, something they can be proud of. Members should conduct themselves in a manner befitting a responsible community, any activity (in-game or out) that upsets or seeks to provide a negative experience to other players is treated very seriously.

Public and non-Public Appearance

We encourage you to always be as polite and kind towards other players are you possibly can. Remember, every player you encounter is a potential Guild Member, always show them your best side! If you in any situation feel like you cannot approach it in a mature, behaved manner, try to avoid the situation. As long as you're a part of Fallen you are our official representative to the public.

This behaviour is equally important within the guild, always be nice to your fellow Guild Members, we do understand that you cannot always agree with and get along with everyone, and if those situations may come up we encourage you to solve things in a mature manner.

Chain of Command

We have a structure in the guild which builds on the chain of command. We have implemented this system to make running the guild more effective and to save time, remember even the Council have lives and want to play the game. Because of this we encourage all members to follow the chain of command, this means, if you have some issue you need dealt with, go to the person responsible for that specific task. See our Guild Structure for different roles.

Initiate Trials

Fallen utilizes a trial system that we've chosen to call the Initiate Trials. In most trialling systems performance and attendance is the main reason for a persons failing or passing. In Fallen our Initiate Trials are for you to see whether this is a guild that fits you, and for us to see how well you fit in with us.

Our Initiate Trials is the following process. Application. You start by filling out a detailed application about yourself. Applicant Conversation. We will question you on the application if there are any missing pieces or something we want to ask you about, you will have an opportunity to reply and comment. This is also a time where our current members can comment on your application and provide additional feedback. Invitation. If the previous steps go well we will send you an invite into the guild, you will have the Initiate rank and have access to everything that members do. Approval. If you fit well into the guild you will after 2 weeks be promoted to Member. This is where the Initiate Trials end.


While our Initiate Trials do not cover performance and attendance this is something that we monitor and something that will affect your potential membership in one of our Operation Teams, although, not your membership in the guild.

Attendance & Sign Out Systems

Our operation team Fallen¹ uses a Sign Out system where you are automatically signed up unless you sign yourself out for a raid and where you are expected to attend a majority of the operations in order to stay in the team.

Loot Distribution

Our loot is distributed using Loot Council, where the General and the current Loot Council, usually consisting of the General and one more person, discuss and distribute the items in order to give the biggest advantage for the team as possible, while still being fair.

Guild Structure

High Council


Leader is the title used to demonstrate the current members of the High Council. The Leaders are also members of the Council, and take upon them the various tasks of the Council while maintaining a leading presence.



The Councillors are the members of the Council, their tasks vary and they have different titles depending on their task. A few Councillors have several titles and areas of responsibilities.


The Diplomats serve as the first line of communication between the guild and the Council. They are also responsible for taking feedback from members and settling disputes that couldn't be solved solely with the people involved.


The Generals are responsible to lead and organize all Operations, to monitor attendance and performance of their team, and with the assistance of the current Loot Council, distribute loot. The Generals are also responsible for the recruitment of their team.


The Instructors are individuals that are responsible with teaching all members of the guild. Instructors have considerable aptitude in a variety of skills. Particularly, Instructors are adept at identifying a Member's weak points, preventing them from falling behind on their skills.



Member is the rank held by all individuals who have passed their Initiate Trials.


Initiate is the term used for members who have yet to pass their Initiate Trials.

External links

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