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Falx Cariei
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance The Sith Empire
Leader(s) Darth Solnoxus
Type RP/Heavy PVP/PVE
Website Falx Cariei

Falx Cariei is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Falx Cariei, meaning Scythe of Corruption, is a Guild that is dedicated to the success and galactic dominance of the Sith Empire. Our desire is to see it succeed, serve it loyally, and destroy any force that is standing in its way and that includes forces within the Empire. We are a Guild of individuals who banded together around the idea that there is a terrible corruption that is eating away at the Empire. Self-serving Sith and those who seek to emulate them have done considerable damage to the power of the Empire and the order which said Empire could indeed bring.

As such, we have three goals: First, to show others within the Empire that the Empire and the Dark Side does not need to mean corruption but can instead bring order and stability.

Second, we shall destroy those whose corruption threatens to harm the Empire and use their deaths as a stern warning to all others who contemplate walking down that path.

Third, to do everything in our power to bring about the destruction of the decadent Republic, whose very existence impedes the destined dominance of the Empire.

We are loyal citizens of the Empire and while we do not agree with their corrupt ways we do still serve the Emperor and the Dark Council and those of us who are Sith do not call for the abandonment of the Dark Side. We believe that the Dark Side of the Force can indeed mean order, since after all, the Sith teach that one should dominate the Force, not let the Force dominate you.

Joining the guild

We are accepting application from all classes at the Guild Website and on the TOR Forums. We are looking for good RPers first and foremost and will be doing both PVP and PVE activities. Applications should express a desire and ability to RP.

Notable Members

Darth Solnoxus - Guild Leader and Founding Member A Sith Warrior, about 25, hailing from Corellia. Dedicated to the sword of Justice he has dedicated his life to bringing Justice to those whose crimes have too long gone unpunished. He assumed the mantel of leadership of the Guild because of his great levelheadedness and natural affinity for leadership.

Darth Teleuton - Co-leader and Founding Member A Sith Warrior, about 35, from Seswenna. An excellent swordsman who has dedicated his life to killing corrupt Sith, and other Imperial citizens, as well as any Jedi seeking to undermine the Empire. He has a long history of service for the Dark Council, even though they do not like him or his motives much. He did not oppose Solnoxus' claiming the leadership as he prefers to operate and manipulate from the shadows where possible.

Darth Rynthas - Co-leader and Founding Member A Sith Sorceror of indeterminate age and a background shrouded in mystery. He is dedicated to chaos, but it is the chaos of change and growth and the destruction of stagnancy and complacency which also threatens the Empire. The similarity in their overall goals overcame the ideological differences between the founding members and he works closely with the other leaders of the Guild to achieve those goals.

Darth Mortanis - Co-leader and Founding Member A Sith Assassin of roughly 25 years of age. From a prominent military family he has a very firm and strict sense of duty. Extremely loyal to the Empire he joins with Solnoxus, Teleuton, and Rynthas in order to make it a better place after being thrown face to face with the corruption eating away at the Empire's heart.

External links

Guild Website Falx Cariei TOR Forum

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