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Fire Company
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Leader(s) Leader-of-light

Fire Company is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Brief Summary of Fire Company

We are called to serve like every Republic regiment. Our Mission is to rid the galaxy of the evils of the Empire, and restore everlasting peace. We are the proud members of Fire Company--a guild that revolves mainly around the player verse player concept. Even though we will partake in many PvP battles, this does not mean that all we will do is PvP. We will act in many other activities as well, such as PvE, leveling, and social gatherings. We have mapped out military outlines to use in our goal of destroying our enemies. We fight with honor and valor, with no retreat. With the leadership of our Generals, everyone shall have a place. No member should worry, as the leaders of this guild have already obtained experiences running well-known guilds in other MMOs, thus there is no need to question our leadership. Chain of command is essential and must be followed. We have simple rules that everyone should follow, and there are consequences for breaking them. We plan on pushing ourselves to the limit in hopes of this guild becoming a superpower that will rise to the top. It will not be an easy process, but Fire Company is dedicated to do what every guild is supposed to do, grow. Many of you have already waited years for this game. You are not alone; many of us have waited awhile as well. We believe that it is fate that we all came together and placed into this soon to be a great guild. Fire Company will be feared by the enemy, praised by the Republic and continued until we are no more. Follow us into battle and to the road of victory.



We have set Planetary Goals for our guild which are:

  • Battle Planets
These are planets where war has broke loose. These planets are keys to Republican victories. These are the most action driven planets besides for Voss which is sort of diplomatic as well. These are the planets where most squads will be stationed.
  • Guard Planets
The Guard Planets are the planets in which the Republic is in control of, but not all is under our control. Even the greatest of planets have corruption. This is where the Guard Squad comes in. These are not the most action packed planet, but they are important for our survival. Planets like Tyhon, Jedi are required to help teach the young-lings. Quesh and Ilum are resource planets and must be guarded through PvP confrontation. Belsavis is a Republic prison. It must be guarded from the Sith intruders. Last but not least Corellia and Coruscant, the most important, is where the squad in charge acts like a "military police". They must fight criminal organizations such as Black Sun, terrorists and Sith from the planets. Leader of Light will always be stationed on Coruscant.
  • Sith Planets
Sith planets are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. These are where Sith strongholds are and will only be attacked with all of Fire Company. No squad will be stationed though soldiers are not discouraged from adventuring, so be careful.
  • Hutt Planets
These are not neutral planets, and not our allies. The Hutts are dangerous and aligned with the Sith. Jedi and Troopers must be sneaky when entering and cautious. No squad will be stationed here, but they will not be invaded. Only when necessary for our confrontation is with the Sith. Not the Hutts.

Squadron Concept

Our guild has developed a system based upon Squads. The Squads in our guild act as a subdivision within our guild. Each squad has a different name, for example, we use colors for our squad such as Blue Squad, Red Squad Purple Squad, etc. Squads will tend to stay on the same planet during game play, but members will be allowed to leave once granted permission from their squad commander. Each squad will have a decent amount of members that will each have a different rank in their squad.

Ranking System

Our ranking system from least to greatest:

  • Private
  • Private First class
  • Officer
  • Corporal
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • Lt. Jedi General/ Lt. Trooper General
  • Squad Commander
  • General
  • Guild Leader

Medal and Promotion Concept

Now that you know how our ranking system goes. Here is information about how medals come in affect and how promotions are made. We have a decent amount of medals one can earn. Each has different difficulty settings that we seem are appropriate due to how you can earn them. Most medals help you achieve a higher rank in your squad. You will need certain types of medals to be promoted. The higher your rank the harder it will get to be promoted. It may sound complicated, but it actually isn't. Currently, we aren't using most of the medals we have for promotions yet since the game hasn't been released. Right now promotions are made on how active and respectable you are and how well we get to know you.


Every guild has their own set of rules, so we are no different. These are our rules so far: 1. Respect your commanding officers and fellow guild mates. 2. Obey commands when given, these are important when in player versus player and other battles that you listen to commands. 3. If requesting help don't demand it, ask and we will get to you as soon as possible. 4. Do not demand a promotion. They will come in time as we get to know you and trust you with the job 5. The last and most important is follow chain of command. Each planet shall have a commanding Jedi and Trooper as the main generals. Obey their command and respect them.

Discipline Code

To keep things more organized, we made a code which basically tells you what is expected when you happen to break one of our rules. Here they are: 1. A verbal warning. This will happen if you break multiple rules for a constant period of time. 2. A demotion. You can have medals and/or Ranks taken from you. Depending on the seriousness of the crime. 3. Ejection. If you can not cooperate with the leaders and follow the rules. Also this can occur before the other two depending on what you commit. Choose you actions wisely because when your out its going to be hard to get a second chance.


For now every class of the Galactic Republic is eligible to join. We also accept members of all ages. Just make sure you behave and follow our rules.

Why Join?

Now for the most important question. Why Join? First off, we are very active and talkative. We respect each other and when a member disrespects someone they will be disciplined or eject immediately. Our guild master and leading members (Like myself) are young, but act maturely which means we can be both fun and serious about everything. Also the earlier you are able to join the higher rank you will be placed due to default and no game play.

Joining the guild

Please go to the SWTOR site and look for Fire Company and send us an application. Then go to our site on Enjin and send us another application and we will get back to you ASAP.

Notable Members

Leader-of-light= Our fearless, kind, and heroic, leader {Jedi Knight Guardian}

Malenovolence= Our funny, friendly, and smart second in command {Jedi Knight Sentinel}

War-eagle= Our brave, strong, and active squad commander {Jedi Knight Guardian}

NJJEDI= Our intelligent, charismatic, and good-natured squad commander {Jedi Consular Shadow}

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