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FoK Symbol
Fist of Kaos (FoK)
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server Unknown at this time
Leader(s) Cabol
Type PvP
Voice Ventrilo

Fist of Kaos (FoK) is a Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP guild.

About the guild

Fist of Kaos, known simply as FoK, started as a Star Wars Galaxies guild formed in 2004. On Bloodfin, the unofficial-official East Coast PvP server for SWG, two small Imperial guilds found their members were consistently fighting alongside each other in PvP. These guilds, Fist of the Empire and Lords of Kaos, realized they would be stronger by joining together, and thus FoK was born.

FoK quickly attracted several PvP-oriented players, and decided to establish a player city on the planet Talus. Several locations were considered, but a remote island was selected and dubbed "FoK Island". The city soon expanded, and several bases were established to provide defenses. FoK Island immediately became the central point for PvP activity on Talus, although FoK readily sought out battles on every planet. The guild rapidly earned a reputation for competence, coordination, and (as far as can be said in a video game) fearlessness during PvP, even in the face of overwhelming numbers.

Fok was one of the first Bloodfin guilds to espouse, and commit to, perma-wars between guilds; their war list was always the most extensive of any Imperial guild. FoK was highly respected by allies and opponents alike, and were key participants in multiple large-scale server wars. Incidentally, FoK's custom-made hotpants ("I went to FoK U") were highly-sought after items by players. FoK remains proud of the fact that they are the only guild to be griefed by a SWG CSR, not just once, but twice over their guild name.

Due to changes within the game however, mainly the dumbing-down of classes and play styles, many guilds including FoK dissolved from players leaving the game. Members stayed in contact and continued to play SWG and World of Warcraft, but never again under the FoK banner. Now, with the release of SW:TOR, original members of FoK have reunited in hopes that this game will recapture some of the excitement of SWG PvP, as well as fight with or against many of the old guilds from Bloodfin. The core principles of FoK remain as they were seven years ago: unrelenting PvP and unrivalled skill in whatever we do.

Joining the guild

Why should you join FoK?

We are committed to being the dominant Empire guild on our SW:TOR server, and this domination will come in several forms. As a game with a level of PvE content, FoK will field highly skilled groups that will use effective communication, extensively researched and proper talent builds, and unparalleled competence by players to regularly clear any and all content. The primary focus of FoK will always be to field the preeminent PvP force on the server, and members will hone their skills and tactics through near-constant fighting against the enemy. Our allies will be relieved when a FoK member joins them on the battlefield, and our enemies will start to panic. Friend or foe, everyone will respect FoK because we PvP, and we PvP to win.

Every member of FoK is a vital part of accomplishing the guild's goals in SW:TOR, and they are treated as such by every other member and guild leadership. Communication and interactivity are encouraged, and guild members communicate through FoK Ventrilo, Facebook, and Twitter portals. Although FoK projects an elite attitude, the members are friendly, mature, and eager to assist other players whenever possible. Indeed, FoK members have been known to spend hours, even days or playing time to help another guild member in a task. Whether you have been a FoKker for seven years or seven days is irrelevant; your success is our success, and we will work to ensure that success.

If unrelenting PvP and unrivalled skill are what you aspire to, then FoK is where you can realize those goals. To find out, contact any FoK member or apply on the guild websites at or

External links

FoK SW:TOR Guild Page:

FoK Twitter:!/FistofKaos

FoK Facebook:

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