Followers of Palawa is a Multi Faction guild that holds a neutral afiliation within the war.

About the Guild

Followers of Palawa is a mature guild that will be focusing its assets on PvP-PvE-RP. However, since Bioware has been working tirelessly everyday to cater to our needs, why should we pick and choose before experiencing it? Followers of Palawa is an open guild, one that is ready to get involved. The guild will begin organizing Guild Events in PvE, PvP, Casual In-Game Role-Playing, End-Game Raiding and every other type of activity that Star Wars: The Old Republic has to offer. Our goal is to create a sound community of pleasant players willing to be one with the Force. Followers of Palawa will be a closely knit guild, with a goal of achieving quality followers rather than the usual quantity approach. To uphold activity within the guild we enrol our Followers in role playing simulations too intriguing to drop. Followers of Palawa is an open guild, immersing you in the Star Wars galaxy, epic battles, and choices that will ultimately affect the course of the future.

Becoming a Follower

Becoming a Follower is a step for the brave. We strive on obtaining quality members and will only accept those who have great personalities and are fun to be around with. Applicants will be expected to fill out a detailed application as well as complete an intervie
Palawa COA

The Guild's Coat of Arms

w with the Grand Master. Proving to the guild that you are a serious and active gamer will determine your future within the Followers of Palawa. Time Zones and classes are no issue with us (be aware that we will be playing on NA servers).

The Lore

The Followers of Palawa were an ancient group that studied the Force and midi-chlorians. They fled their home world of Palawa to the nearby planet of Bunduki after Palawa was destroyed in a long-ago war somehow involving the Jedi Council. The Followers of Palawa developed the martial art of Teräs Käsi as a means to keep the Jedi in check, presumably so that another world would not be destroyed by the Jedi Council. They also mastered a deep trance technique which they could use to sleep for decades without aging. A neutral group that has remained hidden and has fallen into the silence of time will once again emerge in time.

Grand Master

  • Ashti Kyandas


  • A’den Akaan

Council Members

  • Cebreus Pittflame
  • Voland El Kadir
  • Zaen Lighttrin
  • Direwolfen

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