Frozen In Carbonite is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

Guild Focus

Frozen In Carbonite

Frozen in Carbonite is a competitive guild for the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. We plan to be competitive in both progression raiding and player-vs-player rankings while providing a fun and healthy environment in which to enjoy the game. Unlike other hardcore gaming guilds, we will not mandate activity levels from all our members. All we ask is that you honor your commitments and do what you say you are going to do. If you sign up for an event, we need to be able to count on you to show up.

Progression and PvP are not the only goals of the guild. There is ample opportunity for more casual players to join our community and become involved. We feel that the dichotomy of hardcore and casual players makes for a strong guild. We intend to have core groups of progression raiders and PvP enthusiasts who drive the group forward, but supplement that core group with more casual, laid back players. This ensures that there will always be a good amount of players online throughout the day so that the community aspect of the guild will thrive.

Frozen in Carbonite also strives to be a well respected organization on our chosen server as well as the general SW:TOR community at large. To that end, members will be expected to hold themselves to higher levels of maturity and mutual respect as well as be active participants in the general community.


Frozen in Carbonite is a progression guild that also seeks to engage other guilds and groups in competitive player vs player combat. Although at this time we do not know exactly the form that end-game progression will take in Star Wars: The Old Republic, we can infer from the information given that there will be guild progression content with a flavor unique to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players who wish to join Frozen in Carbonite should have an interest in participating in progression and PvP content, at least from a casual perspective. Frozen in Carbonite will not require a minimum level of participation or event attendance in order to maintain membership, but there may be benefits for being among the more active member base.


Membership will not be exclusive to one's ability to raid or PvP. Those who enjoy our group, but are not interested in the more hardcore aspects of raiding and PvP are still encouraged to join. We seek to provide a variety of experiences that range from casual to hardcore and reject the idea that these things are mutually exclusive. Within the membership, we anticipate that core groups will form around these activities and can be supplemented by players who deem themselves more casual. We feel that a guild can be most successful when players are mature enough to realize that these groups can coexist and work together for the good of the guild. Frozen in Carbonite seeks to be an all-encompassing group that seeks to have fun while still being competitive.


Frozen In Carbonite is currently recruiting/accepting members via an application process. Upon filling out an application, new members are granted a trial membership before they can gain full membership access to the guild. Click here to find the application. If you have any questions, you may email us at contact(at)frozenincarbonite(dot)org.

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