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Galactic Energy Corps
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server Sith Meditation Sphere
Leader(s) Roste
Type Casual PvE/PvP

Galactic Energy Corps is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Guild

Kinetic/Potential is a family-friendly guild. As such, we ask that all public guildchat remain PG-13 Rated. This means, no excessive swearing or foul language. If something is questionable, err on the side of caution out of respect for your guildmates.

If you see someone using excessive inappropriate language/humor in a public channel that you find offensive, please remember that while we are asking them to be considerate to you, we also ask that you be considerate to them. People will slip up and get carried away. Do not jump down their throats. Politely ask them to scale back the conversation. If they ignore a polite request, or become confrontational, stop, take a screenshot, and approach an officer. Put them on ignore if you must. But ultimately, allow us to handle it. We feel that if members attempt to police each other, it only leads to conflict, “choosing sides” and ultimately the type of drama that we’re all seeking to avoid.

We will create a special Ventrilo channel called “Adult Chat”. This channel is password protected to avoid people accidentally joining the channel. The “Adult Chat” channel allows adult language and humor as long as everything remains respectful and civil on a personal level. However, hate speech will not be tolerated regardless of where it is.

Drama, trolling, insulting other people or just being a jerk in general will get you booted out. We’re all trying to enjoy the game, and the last thing we want to do is log on and deal with squabbling and drama. If you can’t be a part of our guild without causing problems, you can’t be a part of our guild.


Raiding is never mandatory and you are not required to participate in any of them to be a part of the guild. If you do sign up for a raid, we will expect you to show up on time. Please avoid signing up if you are not committed to attending. We understand that real-life happens, and sometimes you won’t be able to show up for a raid you wanted to go to. That’s fine. If at all possible, please send an in-game mail to the raid leader alerting them that you won’t be able to make it. If you are not online within 15 minutes before the scheduled raid start time, you may lose your spot. You’re free to PuG raids if you so choose. However we do ask that you check to make sure that doing so will not lock you out of a scheduled guild event if it is at all possible that you could attend. Often we may have more people signed up for an event than the raid instance permits. In that event, players will be chosen in the following order:

• Signed up members that are online.
• Class role, and what the raid needs.
• Player class
• Sign up time
• Online members who did not sign up for the raid, but are interested in going

Example: If we have to pick between two DPS, we’ll pick the one who signed up to the raid earlier. It’s possible that signed up players will be left out and others who did not sign up will be allowed in. Sometimes a certain selection of classes is required for the success of the run. We’d have a hard time raiding with no healers, for instance. Loot in raids will be awarded to Mainspec (the spec you are in the raid as) before Offspec, with armor proficiency priority. Ultimately specific loot rules and final decisions fall to the current raid leader.

Raid Teams

For our smaller raid progression, Kinetic uses a team system. A raid team is a group of people that run together on a regular basis, led by a Raid Team Leader. We feel that running with the same people week to week forms a stronger bond between guild members, and allows every raider to learn the strengths and weaknesses of his or her raid team, which makes progressing through content a far smoother and enjoyable process than learning fights anew each week with a different group of people. At any given time there are a handful of 10-man raid teams in the guild, some with closed, set rosters, and some recruiting members or backup raiders. Many raid teams fill up, and there are always new people looking to participate in end-game raiding. Anyone in the guild is welcome to try and start up their own raid team. It is recommended that you post on our forums about your proposed raid team (starting level of difficulty, schedule, etc), as well as ask an officer to schedule a raid for you on the calendar. Once you’ve successfully lead 3-4 raids, your team will be officially recognized, the leader promoted and a team vent channel awarded.


Like raiding, participation in PVP is not mandatory to join Kinetic, but will be available as an option for those who wish to participate. PVP nights will be scheduled very much the same as raiding nights.


In order to make sure we have enough room for those who want to join, we ask that everyone log in at least once a month. Players who have been inactive for over a month without notifying a guild leader/officer will be removed from the guild. If you know you will be away from the game for a determined period of time, please send an in-game mail to an officer to get a note added to your characters and avoid getting kicked. We understand some of our members are in the military or have other jobs that requires them to be away for longer periods of time and we fully respect that.

Role Playing

While Kinetic/Potential is not a role playing guild, we ask that you respect the other players that do role play.


We understand that people enjoy playing alts, however we must balance that against a desire to avoid flooding our guild with low level characters. It makes it harder to remember who’s who when people are jumping around between ten different characters. For each character over level 30, you may have one alt in the guild. So for example, once your main hits level 30, you may have an alt in the guild. Once your alt hits level 30, you may have a second alt in the guild (and so on and so forth)

Your alt’s public guild note must list your main character’s name, to help other members keep track of who’s who.

All alts are subject to the recruitment rules listed below, including level and class restrictions.

Recruitment is currently: Open

Joining Kinetic/Potential

Interested in joining Kinetic/Potential? Have any questions? Feel free to speak to one of our officers, or make a post in the forums. We do not require guild applications to join Kinetic. We evaluate each member based on their conduct and participation in the guild. If you’d like to join, we’ll be happy to invite you as an initiate (basic member). If, after a month we feel you’re a good fit for Kinetic we will promote you to full-fledged member (or raider, if you’ve joined a raid team by then).

Notable Members

Guild Leader - Roste

Second in Command - Deanera

Recruitment Officer - Mediicus,

Banker - Roguebarret

Event Coordinator - Aquanatah

PVP Officer - Rogtar

Ops Coordinator - Haruhism

Guild Founder - Cort

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