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Galactic Fifth Column
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Independent
Server The Ebon Hawk
Leader(s) Kreighton Brams
Type RP Guild
Voice Mumble

Galactic Fifth Column is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

"You might call us 'fools.' You might call us 'crazy.' But you know, there's nothing more dangerous than a bunch of 'crazy fools' who want to kill you." — Kreighton Brams
"For we are opposed around the galaxy by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence. It is a system which has amassed vast sentient and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations." — Timothy Bark, SIS Agent.

About the guild

The Galactic Fifth Column is a secret paramilitary army fighting a guerrilla war against what is calls "enemies of the free people of the galaxy," such as the Sith Empire. They are inspired by the example of Revan's self-sacrifice for the future of his family and the Republic, and his defiance of the Jedi Council.

Events of Founding

In response to the Sacking of Coruscant and the resulting peace treaty, Jedi Historian Meekiel Dek founded The Fifth Column to search for Revan's Legacy in hopes that the lost Jedi Hero could either directly or indirectly save the galaxy again. After Meekiel's death, and the events of Maelstrom Prison and the Foundry, the GFC's mission shifted and evolved into continuing Revan's fight for freedom and justice, even in defiance of those in power.

The Founders

Besides Meekiel, the other founders included, Kreighton Brams, Shirala Bahn, Lairiton Amator, Reid Minto, and Oolen'amaron. Meekiel was eventually killed by Darth Harbinger of The Sovereign Aeons. Oolen'amaron was declared missing-in-action. Reid formally left the Fifth Column to join the Order of Veritas, but still maintained ties. Reid was eventually declared missing-in-action. Lairiton announced that he was going dark, but planned to return to the Fifth Column. Kreighton Brams was captured by the Sovereign Aeons, leave Shirala as the only remaining active founder until Kreighton was freed several months later.

Current History and Status

0 ATC, Coruscant was sacked. Meekiel Dek's Jedi Master, Ren Fowste, was killed by members of the Aeons of Korriban (later known as the Sovereign Aeons). The Fifth Column is founded in the months after the sacking. Meekiel and the other five founders spend years gathering recruits and resources to expand their network of freedom fighters across the galaxy. Somewhere around 6 ATC, CODENAME:NILE, a mysterious slicer whose true identity has never been confirmed, joined the Fifth Column and quickly became the eyes and ears of the organization. In 9 ATC, the Meekiel Dek led the Fifth Column in attack against the Sovereign Aeons. The attack was repelled and Meekiel was assassinated by Darth Harbinger. Kreighton Brams replaced Meekiel as High Commander of the Fifth Column. Kreighton's first act was to assassinate Darth Ar'Drasa, a longtime member of the Aeon High Council. Kreighton Brams then established ties with the Order of the Crimson Blade, a secret society within the Jedi Order, and an old enemy of the Sovereign Aeons. The Fifth Column and the Crimson Blades waged a guerrilla war against the Sovereign Aeons and the Sith Empire at large. Both the Fifth Column and the Sovereign Aeons tried to form ties with other groups as well, but the resulting coalitions didn't last long and eventually fell apart. The GFC and Crimson Blades fought the Aeons on Quesh, Tatooine, Voss, Dantooine, Alderaan, Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, and many other worlds. It was on Quesh that Kreighton and Lairiton invented the Brams maneuver, a strategy of focusing on staying in the fight to the point where the opponent cuts their losses and disengages. The Aeons attempted to surprise the Fifth Column and Crimson Blades on Tatooine in what became known as the ambush at the desert pass. The attack failed to kill anyone of importance. The GFC and Aeons, along with other allied groups on both sides, fought significant battles on Voss and Dantooine, but both coalitions fell apart soon after. The Fifth Column lead an attack against House Thule on Alderaan with the support of the Crimson Blades. Although several of the attackers, including Kreighton Brams, managed to penetrate Thule Castle, the Aeons arrived in time to save Lord Thule's life. The Fifth Column attempted to strike Imperial forces in the Black Hole district on Correllia, but the Aeons intercepted them and captured Kreighton Brams. The Order of the Crimson Blade, faked its own demise and joined the Fifth Column as a new Cell. Then the newly strengthened Galactic Fifth Column attacked the Aeon prison on Ren Var to bust Kreight out.


The Galactic Fifth Column consists of a small but deadly fighting force of elite specialists supported by a massive interplanetary network of sympathizers, informants, and guerrillas. The top tier of the GFC is divided into Section Alpha, which primarily operates in Republic space; and Section Gamma, which primarily operates in Imperial space. Each section is subdivided into Cells. There are currently a total of six cells within the two tier one sections.

Section Alpha

The Section Alpha currently contains three tier one Cells.

  • Ranger Cell: A loose assortment of freelance pilots who are responsible for most of Section Alpha's underworld endeavors. These include smuggling, piracy, hijacking, and blockade running.
  • Ghost Cell: Ghost Cell is modeled after Special Forces units like the Republic's Havoc Squad. A majority of the Ghosts are former SpecForce Troopers themselves. The these elite soldiers carry out special missions against the enemies of the Galactic Fifth Column. The Ghosts often use their knowledge of the Military's inner workings to pose as SpecForce Troopers when fighting alongside other Republic Forces. Due to the classified nature of SpecForce Division, this is almost never questioned, especially in the heat of combat when there are more important things to worry about.
  • The Order of the Crimson Blade: A secret society of Jedi formed to protect the Jedi Council (unbeknownst to the Council itself) shortly after the Jedi Civil War. The Order is named for the red lightsabers they wield in memory of the many knights who fell during the war. Most who have heard of the Order assume it is a myth. Even those who know it ever existed believe it was wiped out by the Sovereign Aeons. The truth is the the Order of the Crimson Blade faked its own demise at the hands of the Aeons and joined forces with the Galactic Fifth Column. The Order of the Crimson Blade now exists as a semi-autonomous Cell within Section Alpha, occasionally referred to as "the blades" by members of other Cells. Almost everything about the Order of the Crimson Blade is a mystery, even to the other columnists.

Section Gamma

The so-called Imperial Fifth Column is smaller and more covert than its Republic counterpart.

  • Talon Cell: The Talons are a secret network of double-agents with Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Military.
  • Wraith Cell: The Wraiths are an offshoot of the Sith Order that silently supports Section Gamma. As Sith, most members of Wraith Cell have no love for the Republic, but they oppose the Emperor's rule for other reasons. Some seek to topple the regime to seize greater power for themselves. Others see the regime as corrupt and weak. They believe that overthrowing the Emperor is no more treasonous than a strong apprentice executing a weak master.
  • Bes'uliik Cell: The Basilisks are Mandalorian renegades and rebels. They are bounty hunters, mercenaries, and warriors who oppose the Sith Regime that has shackled their once proud people and reduced them to mere pawns of the Emperor. They wish to see the clans united under one banner as they were in the days of Mandalore the Preserver (aka Canderous Ordo).


The Galactic Fifth Column is considered a "terrorist" group by the Sith Empire. The Galactic Fifth Column views itself as autonomous and does not take orders from the Galactic Republic, despite the Fifth Column's mandate to protect the latter. The Republic views the Fifth Column as a loose-cannon but generally turns a blind eye to its activities, going so far as to officially dismiss the GFC as a mere conspiracy theory. Unofficially, some individuals in the SIS, Republic Armed Forces, and the Jedi Order privately support The Fifth Column. A number of Sith, Imperials, and Mandalorians are also believed to have defected to the GFC's cause. The Fifth Column has strong ties to a reclusive sect within the Jedi Order called the Order of The Crimson Blades.


The Order of the Crimson Blade was a secret society within the Jedi Order formed in the wake of the Jedi Civil War with the mission of protecting the Jedi Council, unbeknownst to the Council itself. The Order wields red lightsabers to remember the many Knights who fell in the Jedi Civil War. Few know the Order of the Crimson Blade ever existed. Of those who do, all most all are convinced that the Blades were wiped out by their ancient enemy, the Aeons of Korriban. In truth, the Order faked its demise at the hands of the Aeons and join forces with its new ally, the Galactic Fifth Column.


Apart from the Sith Empire, the Fifth Column's greatest enemy is a sect of Sith called the Sovereign Aeons, once known as the Aeons of Korriban. The Aeons remained hidden on Korriban for hundreds of years, and played a vital role in laying the groundwork for the Empire's return. A bitter feud has existed between the Aeons and the Fifth Column since 9 ATC when Darth Harbinger assassinated Fifth Column High Commander Meekiel Dek in retaliation for a Fifth Column strike. The Sovereign Aeons are semi-independent from the Sith Empire with their own military, fleets, territories, and an interplanetary government controlled by the Aeon High Council.

Mission Statement

"'Peace is a lie,' so begins the Sith code. Reason holds that the opposite of peace, is chaos. So to is the opposite of order. The Empire claims to be the galaxy's salvation. The Empire promises to cleanse the galaxy of crime, corruption, and chaos, and replace it with a utopia of order where every being will be free to reach their potential. But the Empire is ruled by the Sith, and the Sith believe that chaos is the only path to strength, for peace and order is but a lie to them. This means that as long as the Sith rule, under this code, the order they claim to build will be doomed to fail. The Sith will turn on each other and tare apart their own Empire from within, as history both ancient and recent has shown us many times. But if the Empire succeeds in destroying the Republic before the former's inevitable collapse, the free people of the galaxy will be doomed to a dystopian existence under powers that have no pretense of benefiting those they rule, powers synonymous with servitude and exploitation, powers like the Hutt Cartel. But there is hope for the future. Heroes have always risen to stand with the free people of the galaxy in their darkest hour. But the darkness is insidious, and will use our own laws as a weapon against us. The Treaty of Coruscant was one such weapon used to shackle the Republic's chosen defenders. Therefore, the free people of the galaxy need defenders that the Republic did not choose, defenders that are impervious to bureaucratic machinations. We are those defenders. The corrupt fear us. The misguided oppose us. The honest support us. The heroic join us. We are many peoples and many factions united in the shadows. We are the galaxy's reckoning. We are the Galactic Fifth Column."

Joining the guild

((Anyone looking to join the Galactic Fifth Column or the Order of the Crimson Blade on The Ebon Hawk server must submit an application via the forums on

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