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Galactic Imperial Forces
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server The Harbinger
Leader(s) Emperor Sedriss
Type PvE/PvP
Voice Ventrilo:

Galactic Imperial Forces is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Galactic Imperial Forces is a gaming community that has stood for over a decade, starting as a strategy clan and working its way in multiple gaming ventures, now focusing its resources on Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are a casual social guild, focusing on the enjoyment of the game, getting to know the ins and outs, leveling main characters, learning flashpoints and operations, trying to get a grasp on the game to better help ourselves and use our experienced players to help any future members down the line. We use a wide variety of communication outside of the game from our Forums, to Vent, Skype and even Facebook, making it possible to always have a fellow member there to help. We are open for all types of players (13 years and older) and classes, giving us something to offer everyone.

Joining the guild

To join the Galactic Imperial Forces you can do one of many things. You can visit our Website and click on ‘Join the Empire’, stop by our Forum and Post in our ‘Conscription Headquarters’ board, answer a few questions about yourself or simply message a member of the Guild in-game, who will then ask you a few questions and get you started on your path within this Great Empire.

Notable Members

Emperor Sedriss - Leader of the Galactic Imperial Forces

Executor Brema - Leader of the Imperial Military

Vizier Sykaraa - Leader of the Imperial Government

PvP Recruiters
Jacyn Celox
PvE Recruiters
Enforcer Hyson
Social Recruiters

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