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Green Sun Core
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server N/A
Leader(s) Khormin Darkfire
Type RP-PvP

"The Green Sun Core. A last chance at parole, a refuge from the past. Seeking redemption, seeking to escape your debts, or simply seeking a place to serve your time? We offer it.

A vanguard of politically and legally difficult specialists who defend against the Sith, against pirates, against anything that the universe might throw at us. Serve well, and get a share in the profits. Don't like it, and well? That's not something you really want to discuss, soldier."

"Welcome to the core."

For parole and/or recruitment information, contact Khormin Darkfire

A RP-PvP guild that exists to provide 'vigilante' or 'desperado' style RP in the SWTOR universe. Clashes with sith are often expected, we will provide support, groups, and role play reasoning behind warfronts and server PvP alike. PvE content will not be ignored, as flashpoints both enhance RP experience as well as providing credits, items, and experience which tend to be handy.

Space combat will also be included in our expected clashes, including mock piracy runs, escort and bombardment missions.

Character concepts should be suitable for the theme of the guild; escaped Sith, running from debts, bounty targets, court martialed Republic troopers, paroled smugglers, Dark Jedi. Power-plays and power struggles in guild are expected, but out-of-character courtesies expected. Adult players preferred.

Guild requires a heavy RP focus, a strong PvP enjoyment, and ventrilo or skype.

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