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Gutted Ewok
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server Haydian Way (EU)
Leader(s) Marik Drace
Type Casual PvE
Voice 20-slot Ventrilo server. Details available on our website.

Gutted Ewok is a Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild.


Gutted Ewok has one aim: To keep the game fun. It sounds overly simple but it is easy at times to lose sight of the reason we play MMO’s. Having a casual and friendly guild helps us remember that it's just a game, whilst still being able to run Ops and Flashpoints at our own pace.

We will definitely be running flashpoints, 8-man operations and possibly 16-mans in the future. We will be raiding late at night (as all of us work night shifts at present). Although, depending on the level of guld membership, and the interest in raiding, we may look at doing earlier runs too.

{C}We will provide a pleasant raiding environment, without the usual screaming, belittling and pressure that some of you may have come to associate with raiding in games like World of Warcraft. {C}Alternatively, if you don't like raiding and just want somewhere friendly to hang out while soloing and/or crafting then you have come to the right place.

As the guild is growing nicely we have set new times and days for raiding.

We plan to be running guild raids at 21:30 GMT on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to start, possibly adding Thursdays if enough people want to


Even though the pre-launch guild program has now come to an end we will still be accepting applications via our website up to, and after, launch.

If you are interested or want more info please head over to our website at read our guild charter on our forums and then apply if you think we are the right guild for you. Alternatively, you can take the Ideal Guild Quiz at and see if we come up as a recommended guild for your playstyle.

Even if you decide not to join I appreciate any and all constructive feedback regarding the guild our our website etc.

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