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Guys That Game
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server Jedi Covenant
Leader(s) Rykhas
Voice Teamspeak 3

About the guild

Guys that game is the most inventively name guild ever. We consist of men who play videogames, gentlemen who own and regularly use PCs for recreational purposes, and males who enjoy hobbies including gaming.


Many of us in the guild have young families and realize that life comes before gaming. We strive to create a balance between both while being able to enjoy End game content, Opperations and Flashpoints.

We are looking for adults from many different backgrounds who just want to have fun and enjoy The Old Republic.

Joining the Guild

We are looking for people who fit in to our digital family. Have a look through our boards and click on a few posts at random that catch your eye and you will get a feel for this guild and the attitude and camaraderie between the members. That is what we’re looking to preserve. This is a great guild to be in, and we're going to keep it that way.

If this is something that you are looking for as well contact one of the Guild members below.



Rykhas - Sith Inquisitor - Sorcerer


Thagana - Sith Inquisitor - Assassin

External links

Website -

Rykhas youtube channel -

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