HasselHoth is an Australian based Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild.


Hasselhoth is a friendly and sociable Australian based PVE Guild. The main goal is to reach level 50 and start hitting the Operations and Flashpoints with other Australians. There is an organised leadership structure, websites, as well as a vent server in place.


HasselHoth does not currently have any allegiances with any other guilds. If a guild wants to become an ally of HasselHoth then they should contact us Here.


All those interested in joining should go on over to the Guild HQ or our Website and simply apply. Just keep in mind that we're based in an Australian timezone though so we coordinate Guild Operations and other activities as such.



  • DesmondElBrando (Guild Leader)
  • MrAzull (General)
  • Octavion (General)
  • Morogomir (General/Site Admin)

Other Members

All of the Members can be found Here


  • Grand Master - Guild Leader.
  • Grand Master’s Generals - Second in Command.
  • Major - Officers, Group Leaders.
  • Captain - Main Raiders.
  • Sergeant - Long time guildies, or non raiding level cappers.
  • Private - People who have past initiation, and are looking for a place here further down the line.
  • Recruit - Newbies, yet to pass initiation, which is a 2 week period.


Guild Operations and Flashpoints will be coordinated in an Australian timezone.

External Links

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