House of Karrdes is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The name House of Karrdes brings many things to mind: a den of scoundrels, a House of nobility, a crazy, fun group of people. House of Karrdes is all of the above and more. We strive to provide an enjoyable experience, no matter what your game play preferences may be. We are not hardcore, but we do have hardcore tendencies. We’re casual, but not to the point of not caring about progress. Above all, we strive to have fun.

We aren't just about one specific character class; our members tend to run the gamut from Jedi to Smuggler and everything in between. We're a new guild with an old, close-knit community foundation and we're ready to expand!

No matter what playstyle you're into, whether it be PvP, PvE, Crafting or RP, you can find a home with us. We aren't a hardcore guild - nor do we claim to be - we just believe each member should be able to play the game how they want, not how other people want them to play.

Because we're such a close-knit community, our members are willing and able to help each other succeed, but that can't happen without first asking questions. We know you have them, and we're ready to answer. So come check us out today!

Joining the guild

People wishing to join House of Karrdes need only fill out an application. Our recruitment staff will then look it over and give you a thumbs up or thumbs down. That's the process in a very small nutshell.

We do ask that you pay attention when filling out your application. The majority of it pertains to our Code of Conduct which is how we expect our members to behave. Be sure you've read and understood them.

After submitting your application, you'll be asked to schedule an interview with one of our recruiters. This may be held in Ventrilo, Teamspeak, our own chat box on the website, or any chat program the applicant is comfortable with. Voice is preferred over text, but not necessary. Once you've been asked to schedule the interview, your probationary period has begun.

After the interview, and assuming you haven't raised any real flags, you'll be brought into the guild as an Initiate. At this point you are expected to maintain a respectable post count per week for the next four weeks, with 10 being 100% of what we're looking for.

During each of the three weeks following the week of your interview, you must complete one milestone:

  • Participate in a guild game night
  • Make a class decision (may be changed later)
  • Participate in a guild "hunt" - find and describe various options on the website

At the end of 28 days you'll be graded on post activity and completion of milestones. A C or better is required to continue in House of Karrdes. Anything between a D- and a C- will not necessarily disqualify you from HoK, but it will result in a hold being placed on your probationary period while we talk to you about what went wrong.

HoK Grading Scale
GradeScore Range



Character NameTOR Forum NameRole
Caelen RiversAtinVerPermanent Council Seat
MizocIsitcozimwhiteCouncil Seat #1
DesistDesistCouncil Seat #2

Play Style Officers

Character NameTOR Forum NameRole
Baron AgthenosBaron AgthenosLead Recruiter
Ender RoarkeKlaatusForeign Affairs

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