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Guild photo1
In Carbonite
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server Khoonda Militia
Leader(s) Raith



In Carbonite is a Galactic Republic guild on the Khoonda Militia server for the SWTOR game. We are a progressive guild for all aspects of the game. Currently we have a solid foundation built for our Op teams dedicated to a healthy push toward and through provided end game content. As solid as we are, we are no longer looking for those who are wanting spots for operations. Though, if you have family or friends and just want to hang with the winning guild on Khoonda Militia, please contact one of our officers in game. We also have a soild pvp effort against the Imperials, and welcome all players to join in on our efforts.

Although we do strive to push through end game content at a healthy pace, we do not push players into a hardcore atmosphere. We do however encourage our members to have fun playing this game. And like in most MMORPG's it usually requires finding like minded individuals or groups of people who can make your game play experience awesome.

For much more information, please visit our website and enjoy the cake!

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