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Infensus Obscurum
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

Infensus Obscurum is a Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Empire guild.

About Infensus Obscurum

We are a group of MMO experienced players that have come from several different MMO's. Most of us are from Warhammer Online but a lot of us also have backgrounds in Lineage, Guild Wars, Vanguard, Age of Conan, Aion and of course World of Warcraft. PVP is the name of the game and it is going to be our main focus for TOR although we will be involved with all aspects that the game has to offer. From PvE to crafting Infensus Obscurum (I.O) will be and active and mature environment.

With much of ToR's PvP information being limited all we can guarantee as a PvP guild is we will spend the most amount of our time PvPing. If there is a main PvP zone that provides large scale world PvP this will be what I.O will focus on. Therefore it is essential for us to have a tight net of players that work well together, listen, and are willing to learn how to play their class and how to be successful in the PvP combat.

As I have said before, this is a PVP guild and we are going to be taking this very seriously. Our main objective is to be the most fierce, well-known and dominating guild on our server Sith Empire side. IE: People see us and they run to get more players. We only want quality players who have a keen mind in warfare and the desire to have victory over defeat. With that being said we would rather roll with a smaller group of good players than a zerg guild of idiots. If you cannot listen, and learn, and excel with your class, we are not interested to have you in our guild.

Infensus Obscurum Information

Please visit:


Sinphonic / Kezorian

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