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Infinite Sun is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Infinite Sun is a group who has been gaming together, at its core, for over 5 years now. Infinite Sun is very excited for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2011.

We are a guild based on friendship and fun. The games we play allow us to escape from the daily grind. Without fun, why would we even be here? Success and victory in game comes as a by product of our commitment to each other and healthy environment we foster at Infinite Sun. Our guild policies are set out to ensure every gamer has a good experience in the guild as well as in game. Within Infinite Sun you will find every type of person and gamer. Hardcore and casual gamers, young and old, students and those lucky enough to be retired. Those seeking membership are asked to visit the recruitment section of our forums.

ROLEPLAY: Not officially. Those who wish to RP will be provided a forum for storytelling etc.

Joining the guild

Recruitment is open to republic players who are 21 year s of ag or older.

Recruitment information can be found here!

Guild Structure

Infinite Sun is a democratic guild. A council of officers vote on decisions. Yedzir, the Guild Leader, votes as an equal with the officers of the guild.

Code of Conduct

Infinite Sun openly accepts applicants who meet our basic requirements. This code of conduct is meant to ensure all guild members enjoy a good gaming experience free from the "bad apples" in the MMO and gaming world. Those who fail to meet these basic rules of conduct will eventually be removed from the guild if their unacceptable behaviour continues. Infinite Sun has been gaming together since 2006. We are loyal to this guild and each other. Everything we do will be in the best interest of the guild as a whole.

1. The needs of the guild are of the utmost importance. Every action you take and every comment you make will reflect positively or negatively on the Infinite Sun. You are expected to uphold a high standard of personal behaviour in your gameplay and contacts with non-guilded and guilded players alike. We will treat each other with respect.

2. Infinite Sun does not condone cheating. This includes, but is not limited to: Hacking, exploiting, botting, buying/selling gold or other in game items, buying/selling power levelling. On top of disciplinary action, any player found power levelling or botting will lose the right to utilize that toon in guild raids, PvP hunts and events. a. "exhibiting botting type behavior" such as, not responding to tells, guild chat, say chat, being afk for extended periods of times yet participating in the game, gaining what would be considered unusual levels during a short period of time. All constitute as perceived botting behavior and will be counted as a violation unless proven otherwise.

3. We have found that members who join other guilds in games we play has caused issues in the past. As such we do not allow members to join other guilds in games that we are active in.

4. Information discussed in ventrilo and in the members section of our forums is not to be discussed outside the guild in any form. Members spend countless hours developing and creating in-game plans. When executed properly these plans give us much enjoyment that comes with the eventual victories they create. As well every guild will have its occasional dirty laundry. This type of information should be kept inside our members forums and discussed between the responsible members present.

5. Your participation and activity in game and on the forums is an essential component of the success of our guild. Guild events, such as guild meetings and in game events will be especially important for our members to attend. Members who are MIA for extended periods of time without excuse will be moved into an inactive membership category. Re-admittance into the guild will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

6. In game orders given by guild officers should be adhered to as closely as possible. When called to defend the guild members will immediately attend to assist with the situation. Disagreements with orders being made by an officer can be dealt with by private conversation with that officer after the order is carried out and if a satisfactory resolution cannot be met the next officer in the chain of command will facilitate a resolution.

7. In PvP Infinite Sun does not condone griefing or spawn killing. This involves Killing a player over and over again who has quit the battle and killing players at or near spawn locations repeatedly. Grievances will require proof by screenshots to move ahead with discipline of a guild member. We realize that players will get ganked, killed while questing or killed while engaged with an enemy from time to time. This is a normal part of PvP. Infinite Sun members will attempt to be honorable in all PvP dealings.


Infinite Sun will conduct discipline using our own version of "Three Strikes Your Out" Discipline will be initiated with chronic discipline issues. Guild members are encouraged to resolve issues informally with communication via PM's ventrilo conversations and other avenues prior to initiating the disciplinary process.

1. Each alleged contravention of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Every situation is unique.

2. It is the responsibility of the officers of Infinite Sun to investigate and determine if a complaint is founded or unfounded.

3. Once a decision on a complaint is made, all parties involved will be notified of the decision. a. Decisions may be posted for the membership to see if deemed appropriate by the guild leader.

4. A member found to have contravened a Code of Conduct will: 1st black mark: Verbal warning, black mark on record for a period of 3 months 2nd black mark: 2 Week ban from forums, ventrilo, in game removal from guild, black mark on record for a period of 6 months 3rd black mark: Banned from the guild. A member banned from the guild may not return without permission from the guild leader.

5. Black marks will be the deciding factor in determining which mark (1st, 2nd, 3rd) the discipline proceeds under. a. After completing a period with a black mark without receiving any more black marks the member's record will be wiped clean.

  • Code of Conduct will evolve and change to suit the needs of the guild*

No One Left Behind Policy

No One Left Behind is one of our founding principles. We play as a family. We are here to help each other and have fun together. It is not always easy to enforce, but these are the guide lines that members are expected to follow.

  • The highest level members in the guild, are the FIRST expected to help the lower level members out. This goes above and beyond their own needs in game.
  • General questing is not something members will receive or should ask help for. Your first priority is to help yourself. The policy is intended to help people catch up and get harder quests done.
  • Epic type quests, gear runs and group quests runs will be ran regularly at an appropriate level for the majority of the guild. Priority will go to helping 10 lvls 30s get a dungeon done, rather than organizing one for the lvl 60s. These runs are expected to be FILLED by guild members, even those who have completed them if necessary.
  • Guild crafters are EXPECTED to contribute to making gear for the low level members, just as much as the toons are EXPECTED to help them level.
  • Likewise, members are EXPECTED to give things like hide/ore/recipies for crafting to the guild bank, so that the crafters have something to work with.
  • When you loot gear, consider other members and don't necessarily vendor or AH it.
  • At times we will impose a level cap, which is a point where members should stop levelling and focus on catching people up. these will normally last for 3-4 days, or until members are caught up.

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