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Jedi's Creed
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server Gav Dragon
Leader(s) Tidlasa
Type PVP, RP, PVE.
Voice ventrilo info will be given out once you have signed up with the guild.

Template:Jedi's Creed is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Jedi's Creed is a friendly guild. We are looking for members who are active And friendly, You must get along with all types of people. the guild has over 150+ members and we are still looking for more. we want to have a great guild and be the best, if you are intersted in a guild as such or a guild in general looks us up.

Joining the guild

To join the guild Either contact Tidlasa, Urthisul, Minson or someone else who is an officer. or you can simply apply through the forums and someone will look at it ASAP..

Notable Members

Tidlasa- tidlasa is the guildmaster, Known as tiddy to some.. friendly and well known in the guild. will go out of the way to help anyone during quests and pvp

Minson- Minson is a senior guild Representative, Minson is friendly and also well known in the guild. always helping people with there quests and heroics...

Cortoda- Senior Member of the guild. he is a awsome person always whilling to help. But does sometimes ask for help in return.. as you normally would.

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