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Jedi, Order of Light is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

We do not just represent the Jedi Order or the Council or the Republic. We represent the light side of the force. We are the order that resides, that uses, that embraces the light side of the force and uses it for good. Unlike our counter parts known as the Sith who wish to destroy the Republic we will not stand for it.

Joining the guild

Please go to our website, and Register, and fill out the simple applicaion and Jedi Grandmaster Rain will contact you regarding your membership status.


Council Members

  • Grand Master Rain
  • Master Bou
  • Master Ecky
  • Master J-Crowe
  • Master Sin Stalker
  • Master Rogue

Jedi Masters

  • Master Alzid
  • Master Cade
  • Master Nel

Jedi Knights

  • Darkbloodline
  • sook_li_bronchas
  • AlfredoCarlos
  • Lilernie

Jedi Padawans

  • Sigma
  • Valan
  • aarndt
  • JediMasterSLC
  • Light_Defender
  • tfghost
  • Spartan

Other Members


  • CommandoDB


External links

Jedi, Order of Light Website.

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