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Jedi Exitium
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server PvP
Leader(s) Dirt-Diver
Type RPPvP

Jedi Exitium is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

We are a Force user only guild. If you want the all in one package you've come to the right place. We plan on focusing on PvP, Roleplaying, and achieving world or realm firsts on endgame content.

Joining the guild

You must prove your worth and desire for a greater understanding of the Dark Side in order to be accepted into the academy as an initiate.

Founding Members

Darth Valerius, the Vanguard - Baron and Overlord of the Exitium.

-- Guild Leader; responsible for establishing base rules for Role Playing and guild member etiquette.

Darth Valak, the Spellweaver - Vice-Baron and Treasurer of the Exitium.

-- Responsible for handling any dealings with in-game monetary transactions, or crafting/gathering.

Darth Occultus, the Shadow - Emissary and Instructor of the Exitium.

-- Responsible for internal affairs (complaints, requests, etc.), recruitment and member orientation.

Darth Invictus, the Immortal - Lieutenant and Warlord of the Exitium.

-- Responsible for external affairs (guild-to-guild communication, diplomacy, etc.) and PvP/PvE events.

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