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Jedi Mind Tricks
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic / Light
Server Tassaa Bareesh
Leader(s) Skinto
Type Social / PVP
Website N/A
Voice N/A

Template:Jedi Mind Tricks is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

JMT [Jedi Mind Tricks] is a guild located in the Tassaa Bareesh [PVP] server. We are a a Republic guild with over 125+ members at this moment. We started a week ago, after me and my friend, Aetos, decided it would seem fun to make a guild. We did not expect to see a growth in members this fast tho. We established some plans for the guild, and a few very simple rules, and we are determent to become the greatest guild that SWTOR ever saw, and our members will be proud of. Our future plans is to grow, even more with the guild, and get to know each other more. We're a social guild at this moment, with players from level 6 to lvl 30-ish. We're all still growing and learning about the game. We also experienced our first ever guild raid on january 19th of 2012, wich is posted on youtube! We would like to grow as a guild, becomming more experienced with the game each day we pass, and help new players enjoy the game as much as we do. In the future we plan to play PVP on a respected rate as well. We don't have a website yet, or a teamspeak, but I'm sure that when we grow, and time passes, we will be having one.

Joining the guild

If you feel interested in joining the guild, come to the Tassaa Bareesh server, and create your self a republic character (If you don't have one already). And PM either me [Skinto] or [Tastic] - Guildleader [Aetos] - 2nd in command. The only recruirments we have for joining are: Speak English, be kind, respect each other, help each other out when you can and no flaming.

Notable Members

  • Skinto [GM]
  • Tastic [GM]
  • Aetos [Co-GM]

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