Jen'jidai is a Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith guild.


Jen'jidai Dogma

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
—The Sith Code

Jen'jidai, being a guild of followers of the Sith code and Dark Jedi, is ruled by two Sith Masters. We are heavily focused on our lore and the lore of the Star Wars Universe. Although we do not claim to be a total Role-Play guild, as we do not require role-playing, we most certainly encourage it.

The main concept of the guild is to enforce the belief that all creatures should pursue their own perfection. This must be done without limitations. It's concepts and methodologies are derived from the belief that perfection of the physical and spiritual, through the complete mastery of the force, will allow transcendence to a perfect destiny.


We Sith are the true keepers of nature and the laws of the universe. We embrace the truth of the force. We embrace the entire force. We do not hide behind limitations or fears of the unknown. All creatures live upon passion. This passion gives them the strength to pursue greatness, pursue their dreams, and pursue truth. This passion leads to strength. I shall use my strength to break my bonds.


Power is in your grasp. Will you deny it? Will you deny your natural given right to explore your true purpose? What malcontent and foolish creature would deny their own success? What ridiculous anomaly would purposefully shy away from the prospect of becoming better then before? The power is there. With your own strength, you must reach out and grab it. For such a power will allow you to break your bonds.


Do you know true victory? Do not trick yourself. The worst sin imaginable is to be untrue to thy self. There is no victory unless your enemy is totally broken. There is no victory unless you are proven totally superior. Anything else is fake. Anything else is false. Victory is within your grasp. You must simply explore your true self. You must simply ignore the false limits placed upon you by the fearful fools seeking to limit you. Through victory, your bonds shall be broken.

Bonds Broken

The Sith's main goal is to break all limits and restrictions placed upon them. Rather they be limits placed by others or by thyself, they must be severed and destroyed. For once the bonds of restriction are broken, you are truly free. Freedom is the ultimate cause, the ultimate goal, and the ultimate prize. Freedom to explore all possibilities, freedom to explore all concepts, and freedom to achieve perfection..your perfect destiny. It is yours to follow, you must simply take it. Your bonds are broken, you are ready.

Surrender to the dark side or you will die.

Those who seek to limit themselves or be limited by other fools, are already dead inside. But death is not the end. Such things can be reversed if the limited becomes unlimited. Submit to the the entire force and you shall truly be alive. Choose to be limited, choose to be restricted, or choose to embrace your own fears or the fears of others and you will truly die.

You are a wretched thing, of weakness and fear.

Despicable, shameful, fearful, vile and insignificant. You are all of these things. If you choose to abandon yourself, if you choose to forget yourself, and if you choose to die, you are truly weak. You will be forgotten forever as if you had never existed at all.

Your allegiance is owed to no one but yourself.

Never forget the cardinal rule of Jen'Jidai - you owe nothing to anyone but yourself. The moment we begin to lose track of our own journey to a perfect destiny is the moment we lose sight of ourselves forever. Do not be blinded by foolishness and fear shackled to you by a equally fearful society and Jedi Council. Remember, your bonds are broken. Look to your destiny, for you have no true master but yourself.

Boundless Strength

Limitless Power

Unfathomable Wisdom

Supreme Knowledge

The most dangerous of all are the Jedi that fall.

===Welcome to Jen'jidai, home of the fallen.===

Joining the guild

You, as the human player sitting at your computer reading this, must realize and accept that this guild is dark, evil,and embraces concepts within the game that are abominable in the real world. These include slavery, murder, bigotry, and basic abhorrent behavior to be expected from zealots.

To apply to Jen'jidai is to understand and accept this.

In order to join Jen'jidai, an applicant must fulfill these three requirements:

1. Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth.

2. You must be at least 17 years of age.

3.Understand you are joining a community, not a guild. Upon joining Jen'jidai, you are joining Legend-Gaming. So if you're not looking for a tight knit community concept, we're not the right fit for you.

The process is simple. So long as you meet the above criteria then all you have to do is contact us and post an application at our forums. Having done that, you will receive a reply in a timely manner to setup a ventrilo interview.

For questions: Contact the Head of Recruitment Draecor Ralkor.

Benefits of Joining Jen'jidai

  • Jen'jidai comes from a well known MMO community with over a decade of experience.
  • Jen'jidai seeks to accommodate both hardcore and casual players. Hardcore players will find their hands full with all of our raids and events while casual members are not forced to attend nightly events to keep their membership. We accomplish this with a strict hierarchy that uses alternation and waiting lists to make sure that casuals can be included if they wish.
  • A friendly community that has been playing together for almost four years. Many of these people have become like family. It does not take much to join our family :)..Once you're in, you're one of us.
  • A great atmosphere for role-playing and story writing. Many of our members and leaders love to do this in the pre-game phase. Not to mention, post release, we'll have role-play events for our role-players. Obviously we do not force role-playing. This is something that is totally voluntary.
  • Jen'jidai also has well developed Bounty Hunter and Sith lore.

Black Legend-Gaming Shirt Logo

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