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Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server EU PVE
Leader(s) VynSarkin
Type Casual
Voice 100 players Team Speak 3

Latalis is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Who Are We?

Formed from remnants of the old StormBringers Guild which was an Imperial Guild on Star Wars Galaxies (EU-FarStar).

After a small absence from gaming the owners met back up in 2010 and by September reformed StormBringers under the new banner Latalis! this Guild founded on Perfect World International injecting a casual, mature friendly gaming community to a server which saw its fair share of 'hardcore' and 'immature' factions.

When Perfect World released the Forsaken World game Latalis naturally moved over and has become a popular community within the server it is based with over seventy members from across Europe, Latalis continues to expand and grow keeping to its core values.

Latalis has remained vigilant of the progress of The Old Republic and in August 2011 announced its intent to its members of becoming part of the Star Wars legacy again! bringing the Guild full circle to its origins! And with this Latalis hope to continue to provide a casual, mature friendly gaming environment.

What Are Our Goals?

We want to build an online community where our members can feel relaxed and can enjoy the game within a fun and friendly Guild. With this we hope we can form a community that will be able to help and support one another through quests, crafting and class specs.

What We Offer?

With so many Guild available to choose from before launch what makes us stand out above the rest?

Guild Website

Our website is designed with ease of use, with game content, future guides, forums and a photo gallery for members to utilise. With security paramount to our community all Latalis divisions are regularly scanned for malicious software and have approval from Google and Norton Safeweb! in addition to security our forums are free from spam and advertising which some free hosting site are prone to.

Voice Communications

We privately host a 100 player Team Speak 3 server and are registered with Team Speak as none profit organisation this means all our members have access to high quality voice communications without any additional funds required as a donation! This server is used by our Forsaken World division as well!

Mature Player Base

Our current roster list is made up from players in our Forsaken World division and have an interest in the game! so you will be instantly made to feel welcome and a part of the Latalis family!

Joining the guild

1: Via the Guild website

2: Via the SW:TOR Guild HQ

Notable Members

1: VynSarkin Guild Leader

2: VenFlanor Guild Officer

External links

Guild Website:

Guild Portal:

Guild HQ:

Guild Official Recruitment Thread:

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