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Republic Council
League of the Shadows
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic republic
Server Begeren Colony
Leader(s) SAHULA Guild Senate

League of the shadows is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

When the Treaty of coruscant was signed many Jedi and Republic special forces unites did not trust the empire and formed a a pack to pertect the Republic and her people. We are new and trying to set up negotiations with other guilds for pvp.

Guild Rules

The Rules are simple

Must be on a decent amount of times once a week for members 3 a week for officers

Must respect peers and Officers

Undecided Rule.Must Pay Gild Tax.

Guild Ranks

President 1 (guild leader never changes)

Head of State 1 (one month term)

Vice President 1 (One month term if not impeached)

General (equal to Senator)





NON Officer officer ranks

2d private


Important notes about the guild

decisions on the guild are made by senate

People get higher ranks by doing guild quest,donating,and leveling up.

vice president and head of state are equal ranks.

Guild Quest

Guild quest are certain objectives you do with guild mates and are rewarded with Credits by the president. These quest include

Doing Warzones with guild mates can earn you 50 credits each

setting up guild negotiations for inter guild pvp can earn you 200 credits

Remember if you do one of these things tell the Pesident and i will email the credits via in game mailbox.


Work in progress

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