Who We Are         

This is a very ACTIVE & Heavy RP-PVP Guild.

We would like for members to already know how to Roleplay,

if you are just learning we are more than welcome to help.

We have constant duels and ranking contests. Each member

is to respect all players at all times, especially those of higher ranking.

We have a very friendly community that has a lot to offer people

besides a simple XP bonus. Our members help each other level

and learn how to properly PvP. We did/are going to start running

Ops again. We have weekly events (excluding the meetings) and are 

working on making those events involve all of the guild.

―- Guild Master Shellra


A couple of things worth noting

  • We seek people who at least has basic of Star Wars and speak English and can type with proper spelling and grammar.
  • We love RPer's with any potential. Before we recruit you we RP to see how well you can RP and what your style is like.
  • AGAIN we are a Heavy-RP/PVP Legion.
  • We do go out and PvE to become all around better players.

Joining The Guild

Head on over to our site , read up on us in the About Us Tab, Check out our Gallery come talk to us on the Shouts tab and feel free to register on our site. Any questions you may can be written in the Shout Box or on your Application. You will quickly answered by someone that's available.

After you submit your application it will be reviewed by the guild itself.

After that time you will either be accepted into the guild or denied.

Some Tips

1. Tell us about yourself. Let us really have a peek into who you are, what you like and what your interests are. The more detail – the better.

2. Become familiar with the lore of Star Wars and KOTOR. This is Star Wars: The Old Republic, thus we make it part of our business to be intimately familiar with the Star Wars universe. We recommend you play KOTOR 1 and 2. Play them out. If you enjoy extremity, bookmark Wookieepedia to your browser.

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